Advantages of Whois Lookup for Online Entrepreneurs


When you run a business, you are entitled to many things that make the day to day running of our business. Everything from product design, website designing, online marketing strategies as well as the sustenance of your business is dependent on you. When it reaches website creation there are numerous things that need to be settled first before you put your website up and running. Let’s say you have chosen your domain name, how will you know if the domain name is not taken already? If this is your concern, worry not, the Whois database can settle all your concerns.

Below are the benefits that you can get from the Whois Lookup

Aids to resolve domain name ownership concerns
Domain registration is an open process, however, one needs to ensure certain concerns are settled so that the process is not interfered with. This is the main reason why the Whois database is in place as it is aimed at providing important information that is helpful for resolving registrations ownership concerns such as registrar identity and also helps to identify the owner of a particular domain name among other domain registration issues.

Moreover, the Whois db also helps domain backorders owners by letting them know the expiration period and the owner of a particular domain name. This is to say that, after you find out that a specific domain name that you want to is currently being used by another site, you can do a quick Whois search and it will help you know when the domain name you are resolved to using will expire. After the expiration of the domain name, you are allowed a time period to buy or bid on the domain name.

Tracks down unlawful deeds
This is one of the powerful features of Whois lookup. The Whois lookup can track spams, phishing scams, and fraud. It incorporates a confirmation feature that is capable of tracking down in case there is an unlawful content being published by a registrant. Today, with the rise of cybercrimes and hackers, one can hack your site and post illegal content on your behalf with the Whois lookup, you can get to know of these activities.  Maybe you are concerned that since Whois is able to share information about who owns a specific domain that you wanted and you are asking yourself where they take this information after that, but there is a body (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that makes sure your information is secure and it cannot be shared with third parties. In fact, there are no other means one can access the information since only the Whois Lookup can retrieve the information.

Ensures that one domain is not assigned to two users
As a website or blog owner, the main goal is to ensure that the domain name you purchase is easy and exclusive. A lot of business owners use their business name as their domain name which is a good approach. However, it is good to ensure that your company name is easy to understand since any difficulty can cause a lot of issues. For instance, a name that has too many complex characters such as hyphens numbers or codes.Just imagine how damaging to your brand it can be to find out that the same name you use is also being used by another company. What if the other company using your name is rated badly? This is where the Whois come in, it will help you to know if your company name is being used by other people and if it’s not assigned to anyone, the Whois lookup will ensure to keep it unique.