In general terms, we use the word “health” for a state in which we have no physical or mental illness. But, World Health Organization (WHO) has defined health as a condition of physical, mental, and social wellness, and not merely the absence of disease. It is the most important asset of a person because without health no blessing of life has importance. Health is an energetic condition of individuals or communities to regulate and adapt in accordance with stresses and environment for maintaining an inner balance. Whenever this balance is disturbed, the result is an illness.

To decide what is health is somewhat a difficult task because it has the different meaning for different people according to the situation. If we ask people about it, most people would answer that health is physical and mental wellness. But in reality, true health is the combination of physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual balance.

For humans, physical health can be maintained by nutritious diet, regular exercise and proper rest. Other partners to it may include bodyweight controlling, refraining from drug abuse, avoiding alcohol abuse, sexual health, getting the right amount of sleep and hygiene.


Mental health states the people’s perceptive and emotional well-being.

A state in which the individual realizes that his or her own aptitudes can cope with the stresses of life, can work effectively and is able to make an impact on his or her community is called mental health.

No matter how many definitions we have for mental health, its judgment is a subjective one. It also includes the ability to enjoy life and to fight the difficulties. We need emotional and physical support to be whole.

As humans, we flourish on connections with others. We’re a global community and we need connections on a daily basis to feel satisfied and to live satisfactorily. Social health includes the quality and types of relationships we have with the people in our life. They’re all important and they affect our social health. Social health is a measure of how well we get along with others. This gauges our tolerance to people who are different from us or live differently. The ability to develop and maintain friendships is very important. Such types of relationships add value to our life and contribute to the creation of our social support network.

Spiritual health is someone’s religiosity, but it is not necessary to involve in any religious community. Spiritual health is more related to our morals and values and how they affect the direction of our life. It includes being able to distinguish right from wrong and to query the meaning of our existence.

No one area of health is more important than the other. The main secret of overall health is the balance. True health is the combination of a person’s balanced state of existence at any one time. It is not much difficult to find out what is health, but difficult is to maintain that balance in all the areas of life, which is necessary for good health.

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