What Are Plastic Pants?


Plastic pants, also known as waterproof pants, are pants that are designed to absorb leaking fluids or wastes from fabrics. They are usually worn over diapers to keep the fluids and wastes intact. They’re super absorbent and proved to be useful to infants and adults that wear diapers.

Waterproof pants are made out of PVC materials. Some, however, are made out of latex rubber. The PVC materials are better than latex rubber since only a few have been reported to have allergies with the said material. Despite being few, PVC allergies can still happen. Latex rubber tends to cause allergies more than PVC ones. Hives, itching, stuffy nose, and difficulty in breathing are some of the symptoms of an allergic reaction with latex rubber. For waterproof pants, latex rubber can easily be damaged due to handling. Oil, creams, and ointments also damage the quality of the rubber in it.

Waterproof pants can be traced as early as the 1950s, where the materials used for these type of pants are accessible. In the 1920s, materials for waterproof clothing became a thing. It’s usually the women who wore such things in order to deal with heavy menstrual periods. By wearing waterproofed latex in ladies’ panties, this help prevents menstrual leakage from their garments, avoiding stains in their underwear.

It wasn’t until the 1950s did PVCs replaced latex materials. PVC materials are a lot cheaper and easier to maintain than latex materials. However, with the invention of superabsorbent polymers (something that is found in diapers and sanitary napkins), the need for waterproof underwear decreased. But they are still available for use if the situation calls for it. It’s mainly to contain strong menstrual flows for women or for babies who still needs potty training.

Aside from potty training and menstrual leaks, waterproof pants can also be useful when hiking. These pants can be used when hiking up in a rainy weather. Because it is waterproof, it will not cause additional unnecessary weight for you when attempting to climb. There are a lot of kinds of waterproof pants to choose from; each may differ depending on their use.

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