Vacuuming Tips To Clean Complicated Area Of Your Home


Cleaning your house would be the most challenging task you need toit do over and over again. But, seeing your house clean and free from dust, germs and microscopic mites would be the most rewarding feeling ever.

The vacuum is mainly the most used tool in cleaning our precious homes. The whole cleaning process depends on the type of the vacuum that you are using and to your skills in cleaning. And truth to be told, there are areas that even how we tried to reach, we can’t. So how can we properly vacuum those hard to get spots?

Stairs, corners, edges of a room, under the appliances and furniture and the like are the most crucial spots to clean that requires superb techniques in vacuuming. But, like we are always saying, “Prevention is better than cure,” don’t make it harder for you.

Avoid walking with your shoes on around the areas that are hard to clean. Always use clean footwear inside your house and choose a perfect vacuum suited for your needs.

Like if you have adilemma in cleaning your stairs and you’re not satisfied with your regular vacuum, you can purchase another budget vacuum for your stairs. And it will cleanse down all of your problems.

So if you have a roller coaster relationship with your vacuum and you feel like it is frustrating most of the time you may want to start using the accessories of your vacuum. These accessories are very useful and designed to make cleaning easier without wasting a lot of time. These are specially made to reach those inaccessible areas.

There are four common vacuum tools namely: crevice tool, dust brush, upholstery tool and the extension wand. The crevice tool is skinny and angled tip making it so ideal for tighter spots, like corners, between sofa cushions, under the large appliances, vents, theedge of dashboards and much more. This can be used too in cleaning refrigerator coils and picking up small pieces of dirt.

The second one is the dusting brush. The brush head is circular and it has round, long soft bristles. It is very effective in picking up dust without leaving ascratch on the floor. This helps to whip the blinds, bookcases, lampshades and windowsills. It can also do more delicate cleaning tasks if has a variable suction.

The next one is wide and has small, even head with a powerful suction. It is the upholstery tool. Sometimes it comes with a lint-catching strip fabric. This attachment is very great in coaxing dust from mattresses, sofas, chairs, couches and fabric based spots.

Lastly is the extension wand. So, it’s like a true magical wand that grants your wishes to fully reach the high ceilings and corners even those hidden behind the appliances.

Aside from the four common tools, vacuums also come with some extra helpers. These are innovative tools that do complicated jobs. It maybe packages with your vacuum, or you need to buy it individually. Like the power or turbo brush, mattress attachment, ceiling fan and blind attachments and pet groomers.

Always keep in mind that in cleaning once is not enough. You need to do it more often as long as you see dirt on the surface. You can also move your furniture occasionally to clean the spot. You need to choose the right setting for your vacuum and make a schedule for your general cleaning.

Your skills in cleaning plus the vacuum and its accessories are the key to making your home clean as white. So, let’s make our home a better place to live in.