Utility of heat and cold therapies for injury recovery



To quote Saint Augustine, “The greatest evil is physical pain”. Many may not entirely agree to this philosophy. But what everyone agrees to is the fact that when you are bogged down by physical pain, you need to adopt effective measures to get relief. So, knowing about the options for injury recovery is very important for all. Heat and cold therapies are one such option that helps you to get relief from various kinds of physical injuries, aches, and pains. If you are not aware of the uses of heat and cold therapies, this article is for you. Here we tell you about why and when to use heat and cold therapies to alleviate pain and recover from injuries.

Heat therapy for injury recovery

Heat therapy, also known as thermotherapy, is a great remedy to get relief from stiff muscles, chronic aches, and injuries that do not involve any swelling or inflammation. The application of heat therapy increases the temperature of the tissues. This helps to stimulate blood circulation and facilitate healing of the injured area. This therapy is generally used for injuries that are at least 48 hours old. The heat applied for thermotherapy should not be hot but should provide gentle warmth. Heat therapy can be applied through many methods, which includes hot packs, hot baths, and hydrocollators.

Cold therapy for injury recovery

Cold therapy or cryotherapy is an effective treatment for acute injuries. When an injury causes internal bleeding of the tissues, this results in inflammation and swelling. The application of cold therapy can act as a healing remedy that prevents further bleeding, reduces pain and augments recovery. Cold therapy constricts the blood vessels and reduces blood circulation. This therapy should be used within 72 hours of the injury to get maximum effect. It can act as an immediate treatment option and also in rehabilitation. Among the methods of application of cold therapy are cold packs, ice massage, and ice baths.

When to use which therapy

Knowing when to use which therapy is essential to derive maximum benefit for your healing process. Heat therapy should never be used on injuries that are inflamed, red, and hot. Cold therapy should be avoided for injuries that involve stiff muscles. Also, it is advisable not to use heat or cold packs on skin areas that are irritated or in poor condition. There are various ways to avail the options for application of heat and cold therapies. For instance, you can check out http://kineticlabshealth.com/hot-cold-pack/ to buy high-quality cold and hot packs for pain relief.