How To Use A Wall Tent To Create The Perfect Camp For Hunting


Hunting is not only a good way to get food but it also gives you a chance to get out and enjoy nature. Regardless of whether you are traversing the Rocky Mountains or winding your way through the forests of West Virginia, a wall tent can provide shelter from the weather and a place to gather together with your friends. Your hunting camp should be as comfortable as possible. Try using these suggestions to create the perfect camp using a wall tent.

What makes wall tents unique is that you can cook inside of them. During periods of cold weather, you can also heat them, making them the ideal choice for hunting in the fall when temperatures have started to drop.

1. Prevent weather-related problems by covering your tent with a tarp. Choose a tarp that is made from a slippery material so that any snow will simply slide off of its surface.

2. Make sure you have plenty of firewood on hand. If the area where you are going doesn’t have a lot of firewood available, consider packing your own.

3. If temperatures drop below freezing, bring your coolers inside. The warmth of the tent will help keep the food and supplies inside them from freezing all the way through.

4. Keep your stove from getting too hot by adding a small amount of dirt to the bottom of it before you fire it up.

5. Take advantage of your surroundings. For instance, rather than taking the time to build an A-frame, you can tie off your ridge pole to a nearby tree.

6. Bring along a reliable light source. With the days getting much shorter in the fall, it is important to have a lantern and a lot of fuel on hand so that you can light your camp up after dark.

7. Bring along some basic tools. For instance, wire, a handful of nails, and a hammer can help you perform countless repairs and can even allow you to build some items from scratch.

8. Bring along plenty of food. You never know what might happen when you are out in the wild. If your trip has to be extended, it is important to have enough supplies to get you through.

9. Plan some in-tent entertainment. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, it is important to have activities that will keep you busy. Card games and books are a great option since they can help you pass the time until the weather clears up.

10. Take notes. As you spend time in your camp, keep a notebook nearby where you can jot down ideas for the camp that you want to build next year. Having these ideas handy can help you continue to refine your setup over time until you wind up with the perfect camp.

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