Why Use a Solo Health Pain Relief Kit


The SoloKit is a home therapeutic kit for treatment of sports injuries, post surgery, osteoarthritis and back pain; these unique rehab packs include exercise and support equipment, natural pain relief products, therapy aids, and detailed physiotherapy and management routine information – in simple easy to understand language.

The range consists of two types of kit – one covers short term injuries and pain, the other, the Solo Care Kit, is designed for longer term pain and debilitation.

These well considered, practical packs contain everything you need to bring relief, without having to buy confusing and expensive separate products.

Conventional physiotherapy has always been the traditional way to treat these kinds of pain, and this is often the first method approached by the sufferer, and whilst true that this can help in some cases, physical therapy is not without its disadvantages.

First and foremost, the NHS waiting lists for appointments can be horrendous, and all the while, you are in pain; if you opt for private therapy, you may have a shorter wait, but for many, it is prohibitively expensive, especially for a course of treatments – often six weekly sessions are recommended.

The Solo Kit can be used whenever necessary or convenient, without any waiting, or tension as a result of this

An often mentioned fear by patients when receiving conventional treatment is the worry of exacerbating the problem, and making it worse; the SoloKit can produce results far quicker than and you’ll soon notice what makes the pain worse and rectify it, rather than waiting for yet another appointment.

There is evidence to suggest that conventional physical therapy for certain types of pain are not effective due to what’s called therapy bias. This bias develops as a result of certain beliefs held by the therapist of the best way to treat the body – the way they always have done. If a problem is presented that is slightly outside their skill set, you may not achieve the results you desire. Unfortunately this can be the case across the medical board; the body is a vast and complex collection of tissues and functions, and it doesn’t always behave in the predicted way.  Obviously with a SoloKit, this bias can be avoided, and you, being aware of how you feel, can tailor the treatment to your own individual needs.

Another problem that can arise through multiple therapy appointments is when conventional treatment guidelines are being assessed, these therapies often receive high appropriateness ratings, but one study has found that receiving physical therapy was associated with longer periods of pain. As above, the SoloKit’s advantage is that the treatment can be adjusted and is fully flexible.



The SoloKit puts you in control of your own recovery