Why is Twitter regarded as best social media?


If you have not work with the twitter before, and you have a fear to use it that how it works and what are the key features? After using this media than considering that it is one of the best known social media and it offers the easiest format of social networks with less amount of time to start it and to maintain it. Just like other social Medias, it requires to get more twitter followers instantly and to use it and how can we interact using this. To get satisfaction compare it with other social media, it will take a little bit time to start it and its own going. The best thing for the people who want to use it for the first time is there are some best quality articles which help a lot the people having tutorials and helpful material. Following are some of the reasons showing that the twitter may be the best and easiest social media for any organization to create their own best brand interactivity and real-time relationships with the customers.

Why is Twitter regarded as best social media

1- Twitter is free:

Like all other best social networks it is also free of cost which means you can freely get started with this media and you are allowed to continue unlimited database as you want.

2- Minimum time is taken to get start:

Unlike the social Medias like Facebook and MySpace and many other which can be very great to increase your contacts and relations with the people sitting in anywhere far away from you, it takes less time to start an is easy and straightforward social media.

3-   Easy building of Database:

If you already exist a database of the contacts you can also search for them using twitter and can send messages.

4-    It is not time-consuming:

It’s your decision that how frequently you want to twitter. You can also access it few times in a week as you want which means you are not restricted.

5-    No involvement of technical experience for 500 twitter followers:

It is very simple to use as writing and submitting and line. There is no coding or technical experience required to access it or to use it.

6-   Google’s Favorite:

Google pick their updates and then put it for searches.

7-   Easy to share Links and updates:

If you belong to any business and your customers are sitting in front of the computers you can judge that when any new product arrives regular news updates.

8-   Make real-time relationships:

By sending updates regularly to your customers, your customer will feel like they are interacting or communicating with you by getting new updated time by time. Most companies trust and rely on and value as much as they can because they need the products services.

9- Masses of customers can take updates:

If the people belonging to any company is highly tuned that what your company does twitter is the way to provide you the words and link in a very efficient way.