The true value of a delicacy- oysters


Oyster is now considered as a delicacy due to its higher price day by day. Oyster dishes have been very common in people diet for 700 years with variety ways of preparation. While some people are keen on tasting the fresh and cool of these raw molluscs, others want them to be readily cooked over heat and use the green onion, butter, some kind of sauces along with oysters to wipe out the typical smell of seafood. Moreover, the oyster’s value is the ability of cleansing the environment with its distinctive valves which makes it really beneficial for our ecosystem. But I am sure that you may not discover how priceless value that an oyster can bring you up. Here are some health benefits of oysters we would like to recommend you.
1.         Aphrodisiac
Our ancestor already knew this aspect of oysters and used this kind of meat as a secret remedy for newlywed couples expecting a baby for their family or simply keeping their happiness. The abundant amount of zinc in oyster boosts body synthesis more testosterone, the hormone directly affect the sexual performance which is known as libido and the sexual function in both men and women. The ovaries in women are also supported with zinc in controlling and balancing the amount of reproductive hormones such as progesterone, estrogen and also testosterone.


2.         The plentiful source of protein but needy calories food
The people who are in need of controlling weight can consider this kind of food because of its highly nutritious protein that can supply one third body requirement every day. Protein plays important roles in metabolism, the tissues, cellular and muscle strength. In comparison with the packed food of oysters, the calories they provide might surprise you because the amount is much lower than the chicken breasts, which is popular with balance- diet followers. But there is a notice for someone who is already or in risk of obesity, the oyster include much more sodium than you can imagine, the atom can hold water and worsen your condition.
3.         Improving skin health, motivating wound healing, good for eyes and bone structure are the benefits of zinc
The zinc is famous for stimulating synthesis of collagen which is responsible for skin regenerating which boost the wound healing rate. It also strengthens the nails, nourishes the hair and scalp.
All the teenagers or adults who are receiving acne treatment all notice about the zinc given in the prescription. It helps control the amount of facial oil, prevent pilonidal cysts from infection of other agents and assist the skin reproduction effectively. Also, the collagen stimulated by zinc makes your skin more elastic and healthy.
You may not believe but zinc supports the transportation process of vitamin A, the essential vitamin with our eyes. The mineral ensures adequate pigments are produced in the retina that relate to the faculty of sight.
Zinc as long as calcium is the main component of bone. In order to have the best use of both two minerals, you should take them in different moment per day, because they have competitive effects on the body.
4.         Improving brain function and mood improvement
Taking adequate amount of iron in oyster helps boosting the volume of blood flowing to brain because iron is very important in creating hemoglobin and the anemia caused by ironic deficiency increases the risk of cognitive malfunction, some disorder relating to digestive system and so on. And of course, the higher volume of red blood cells combining with oxygen molecules carrying to our brain, the more effectively our mental function performs.
The American Journal of clinical Nutrition announced a study that increasing the absorption of zinc in blood serum may connect to reduce anxiety and uneasiness in both adults and children, especially depression in women because it has capability of easing signs of age which is the worrisome problem with them.
5.         Nutriments support healthier cardiovascular system and healthier body
The rich content of omega-3, potassium, magnesium are known as the regulating agents in cardiovascular system that lowers cardiac arrest or heart attack. Vitamin C is also found in oyster to activate coenzymes used to synthesize norepinephrine that performs function in brain and body as a kind of hormone or neurotransmitter.
An amount of B12 vitamin in oyster helps body produce more energy from food and boost energy remarkably.