Trucks for Dummies: What Do These Parts Do?


Many parts come together to compose a fully functional truck. Understanding a few of these parts is a vital way to understanding the tasks of which the truck is capable. Three interesting parts are a jeep winch, off road truck shocks and a front axle:

1) A Jeep winch is a tool that attaches to the front or rear bumper of an off-road vehicle. It is often used to recover stuck vehicles from ditches and ruts. Winches are typically either hydraulic or electric powered, with electric being preferred for lighter job and hydraulic for heavier jobs.

2) Off road truck shocks keep the truck from bouncing in a way that threatens the suspension system and makes the ride more uncomfortable for the driver. The right level of bounce means a more stable ride. If the shocks are not pliable enough, the system will be too taunt and might break, causing expensive damages. The right shocks are a way to prolong the life of an off-road vehicle.

A front axle is located in the front of the vehicle’s system, and is responsible for transferring movements of the front wheel to the wheels themselves. This means the front axle also assists in braking the wheels, and thus stopping a moving vehicle. The Dana 44 front axle has been used since the 1950s and can be found in many modern vehicles today.

How do These Three Parts Work Together?

All the different parts of a truck come together on a regular basis. For example, a truck might be driving down an old logging road. The shocks make the ride safer and more comfortable as they respond to roots and ruts. The front axle reacts as the driver turns in response to sharp curves. And the jeep winch may be used to drag a pile of logs from one section of the logging road to another. Maintain these truck parts with tools from 4 Wheel Parts today.

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