Treatment of malocclusion at adults


Having beautiful and straight teeth is the dream of many of us, but the wrong condition, shape and growth of teeth is responsible for the occurrence and development of malocclusion. Malocclusion can affect a person’s self-esteem and reduce their self-confidence, which often leads to psychological problems. All this causes that the treatment of malocclusion is justified not only at children and teenagers, but also at adults.

The field of dentistry, which treats malocclusion, is orthodontics. It deals with the recognition, treatment and control of the whole process.

What is the treatment of malocclusion at adults?

Treatment of malocclusion at adults, in addition to obvious cosmetic benefits, is also associated with an improvement of the oral health. Due to the presence of overlapping teeth, the cleaning process is difficult and therefore favours the development of caries and inflammation of the oral cavity. It also cause the disturbance of the chewing process, abnormal abrasion of the tooth surface, and, additionally, may cause chronic pain in the neck.


One of the methods of treatment of malocclusion in adults is the use of so-called transparent splints. Clear Aligner is an innovative method of orthodontic treatment with the use of transparent splints, which are designed to straighten teeth. This method is particularly recommended for the correction of malocclusion at adult patients. It is an alternative for permanent orthodontic braces. Clear Aligner overlays are aesthetic, painless and biocompatible, which ensures high comfort of use and eliminates the risk of allergies.

Treatment of malocclusion with Clear Aligner is carried out in several stages. It is a guarantee of achieving the best, lasting results and safe treatment. Before using the method, it is also necessary to consult a dentist and orthodontist, who will present the possibilities of its use and provide any additional information.

There are numerous benefits of orthodontic treatment in adulthood. Treatment allows to keep teeth and gums healthy and gives the possibility of effective implant and prosthetic reconstruction. The biggest advantage for patients, however, remains a beautiful smile, which we can give to our loved ones without embarrassment.