TradesPrime your trading Partner

    514 has you covered anytime you want powerful, enjoyable and professional trading. All you need is a smartphone or tablet that is connected to the internet and you can trade on the site 24/7. The availability of Trade Prime online makes the investment portfolio of the firm to be with you anytime and anywhere. The above is vital in ensuring that you, as the company client, never miss out on any golden opportunity that may arise. Moreover, the trained and professional customer care is always at your service. is also not IP sensitive, allowing its users to access the site from any part of the world and keeping them informed of the latest events and news around the world. All you need to do is to download the App on all your devices so that you can keep trading.

    Advantages of the mobile

    Trades prime allows you to use any mobile device that is connected to the internet to access all information from wherever you maybe. The mobile version also has powerful, friendly features that allow you to easily access information on the platform. The app is also fitted with trading tools and facilities that the trader needs to be effective online. It is also compatible with many androids and IOS devices. It is very powerful, albeit it is simple to use, allowing you to start trading within minutes of installation.

    Mobile User Instructions

    The mobile user can download the Tradesprime app from their regular app store on their gadgets. You also need to use your credentials to access your already existent account on the device of your choice. New clients are also allowed the option of opening an account using their devices. New customers also can start with a demo account that lets them get started before launching into real trading.

    Meta trader 4

    Trades Prime also allows its clients to use the Meta trader 4 platforms as the main hub for doing their trading. The firm realizes that the platform allows their investments to rise as it allows the user to access commodities stocks, stock indices, and forex currency plans as required by the user. Meta Trader 4 also allows its users to access a wide range of resources from where they can learn the investment plans for experienced and novice traders. Meta trade 4 is also advantageous as it does not require the users to download additional software’s to keep trading. Consequently, no extra disc space is needed on the tablet or computer device.

    Types of accounts

    Trades Prime is also an online trader, who understands that clients have different kinds of goals and needs. Consequently, the company offers three types of accounts, allowing the users to choose the ones that meet their needs. Basic Trading Account is for users whose deposit is between $200 and $999. The second type is called Gold Forex Account and it is for users whose depots is between $999 and $ 9, 999. The third and last type of account is Premium Account that is for users with a minimum of $9, 999.