Top Sewing Machines – How to Make the Right Choice?


Sewing is becoming one of the biggest hobbies of the people these days. Not amongst grandmothers but it is also popular for beginners. More and more people are realizing the level of satisfaction they get after mending or stitching their favorite dress. You can save a lot of money if you will stitch, mend or make an alteration in your clothing yourself. However choosing the first best sewing machine is really a difficult job. There are so many models available all competing with each other along with different accessories and price range from USD 70 to USD 1000. To narrow down your search with some important factors to consider is very necessary. After reading the article about top sewing machines you can make a choice for the best machine for beginners.

What Features to Consider?

  • Look for the ease of use. The machine should be easy to thread. You can ask for an automatic thread cutter sewing machine.
  • The best sewing machine should tie off the thread at the beginning and at the end of seams.
  • Check how straight the stitches are. Also, check the zigzag too. It should have an automatic needle threader.
  • How the thread is feed in the machine because if you are quilting then you need a long cone. Some machines can accept it but sometimes you need an adapter.
  • Choose a machine that is easy to clean. Clean machines last longer. Self-lubricating machines are the best because you don’t have to oil them regularly. Make sure to clean them daily with a brush near the bobbin case.
  • A machine needs service after two years or after every 300 hours. Some machines have the feature of needle position (up or down) when they stop.

The Choice between Manual and Computerized Sewing Machine

You can make another choice. Whether to buy a traditional sewing machine or to buy a high-quality computerized machine. Both choices have some good reasons. It totally depends on your needs and your comfort level.

Computerized Sewing Machine

If you are comfortable to use a computerized machine then go for it otherwise, some people still choose manual sewing machines.

  • Computerized sewing machines come with more options that make your tasks easier.
  • They are best for embroidery and quilting.
  • With a single button press, you can take many tasks like making a button hole and changing the stitch patterns.
  • You need much learning to use these machines because they have so many functions to learn.

The Manual Sewing Machines

Manual machines do not have so many options but they are best to use for beginners.

  • When you are just a beginner then you don’t need so many fancy functions like more expensive machines.
  • A good quality manual machine is really good to make a start.
  • With few options, you have few chances of things that go wrong.
  • You will have fewer issues with them and will get consistent results.
  • Manual machines are always in your budget.