Top 9 Best Delicious Cuisines of French Riviera


When you are on a trip, what are the things that turn you on the most? Obviously, the beauty of the place, the staying facilities, and the lip-smacking cuisines are the important things you count on. The French Riviera is no exception to that. This place is located on the southern part of France, at the Mediterranean coastline. Therefore, while the cuisine deliberately contains French influence, the Mediterranean taste also appeals to your taste buds. To have the best experience, book luxury homes in French Riviera
Actually, French Riviera is the place which is the popular destination of the high profile celebrities around the world. Therefore, the luxurious restaurants are full of different cuisines while maintaining the authentic cuisine of French Riviera. If you want to have the traditional food with different other types of cuisines, you can head towards any of such restaurants. But, what can you have there? As located on the border of France, you can have French foods for the sure. Besides, the coastline of each country has certain variety of items under their sleeve. Are you planning to visit French Riviera on your next vacation? Make sure to try out this amazing cuisine on your next trip.
1. Socca
While talking about delicious cuisines of French Riviera, this will be top of the list. French Riviera is not only for plush eating, but there are certain delicacies which are awesome street foods and you can grab them while roaming around the city for sightseeing. Basically, Socca is thin and crispy pancakes, made of chickpeas. As prepared in wooden oven, the smell is unique. This goes well with beer and also with French wine.
2. Herbes de Province
If you are a tea connoisseur, you will love it from the bottom of your heart. This is a type of herbal tea, made of different types of herbs, like thyme, rosemary, oregano and marjoram. Lavender is used to give the aroma and flavor to this tea. You can start an energetic day in French Riviera with this special kind of energy drink.
3. Salad Nicoise
Your breakfast menu should include Salad Nicoise while you are in French Riviera. The roadside cafes are hub of different types of breakfasts that can keep you full and prepare you for a hectic day. This amazing salad is made of mesclun, radish, tomatoes, anchovies, onion, hard-boiled eggs, tuna, and black olives. This is quite filling and yummy. You can also have this dish with stuffed fresh whole-wheat bun. That is known as Le Pan Bagnet.
4. Bouillabaisse
If you are in French Riviera, you can’t miss this traditional cuisine of the coastal town. This is, basically, the authentic dish of Marsellie province. If you are true foodie, you will love this dish as it is famous for the awesome aroma. Made of fish, croutons, fish broth and rouille, this tastes great. Usually, it is made in the broth of rockfish with four different types of fishes, tomatoes, garlic, onion, saffron and lots of herbs. Once you taste it, you will fall in love with the dish.
5. Pissaladiere
You can call it French pizza. Again, it may not be a pizza as well. Don’t get confused. It is a French version of Italian Pizza but completely different than that. It is basically a tart, topped with garlic, onions, anchovies and lots of olives. You can have it at any snacks corner of French Riviera.
6. Ratatouille
You must have seen the Pixar movie of this name? Now, it’s time to taste this peasant dish. And it is guaranteed that you will float in nostalgia after the first bite. This is a slow-cooked stew, cooked with lots of vegetables, like bell peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, garlic and lots of herbs. It tastes incredible and you can also try it at home to memorize your beautiful days at French Riviera.
7. Raviolis Nicois
Are you fond of ravioli? If yes then this dish will definitely woo you. This dish tastes great and will leave an awesome feeling on your palette. Made of braised beef, dry mountain cow cheese, like parmesan and finely chopped chard, this dish tastes amazing. You should try it once and you will definitely fall in love with the dish.
8. Daube
Basically, this is a dish of the poor in French Riviera. But, because of its grand taste and beautiful aroma, this beef dish has secured its place among the elite class’s dishes. Now, it is readily available at the lavish restaurants of the place. The beef is slow-cooked with lots of vegetables, herbs, garlic and the must ingredient, polenta. To make the dish tastier, ravioli is often cooked and served with the beef. Overall, it is a full meal and will keep you ready for travelling throughout the city.
9. Tapenede
This is another traditional dish of French Riviera. Though it is often served as side dish with croutons, you can have it as whole main dish. This dish is specially made of capers, garlic, anchovies and lots of black olives. If you taste it with sun-dried tomatoes and black olives, it will taste greater.
So, these are few dishes that you can taste while you are in French Riviera in fact you must taste them. Visiting the place will be more interesting while you taste the authentic cuisine of this place. Pack your bag and make your taste buds ready for the awesome dishes.

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