Tips for Men wanting Professional Haircuts


Whether you like it or not, you have to agree to the fact that “beautifying” themselves is no longer a domain visited by the female species only. We men, especially the ones basking the limelight of being a celebrity, or those who have to showcase themselves as well-groomed corporate employees, are often found in the comfortable confines of barber shops, hair salons, spas and other grooming centers. And why not? In this age dominated by judgmental, fast paced and modern people, we cannot stomp around as our ancestors residing in caves did in their times – without any concerns of the way they looked or dressed.

Yes, looks do count and it is in the best interest of men folk to get the right appeal to cast a good first impression. After all, be it with a perspective girlfriend or an employer, the first impression often happens to the last and can make or break your chances of getting where you want to be. Given this, it always pays to invest in professional grooming services, be it for a simple neck massage, anti-tan facial, chemical treatment of front locks, or just about anything else.

So, what are the pointers that need to be kept in mind to get the best results? Here, we have listed a few to enable your cause.

  1. Get a reference

Haircuts are to be flaunted. If you have liked the way your friend’s or colleague’s crowning glory appears, then you may want to seek some references. Ask directly for the name and address of the hair dresser; trust us, there is no other sure shot way of getting to the stylist of your dreams.

  1. Call the hairdresser

Well, it’s considered sound etiquette to inform your hairdresser that you would be paying him a visit. As professional hairdressers, especially the ones who are constantly handling streams of customers, are indeed busy and would appreciate if you came in with an appointment.

  1. Expect him to listen, and not!

There is usually a very fine line between the hairdressers who are eager to listen to what you have to say and those who would rather dictate their terms. In either case, they are proficient in their job and know how to make your hair look its best. Good customers are expected to refrain from being control freaks and allow their hair dressers to go with their own train of thoughts to get best results.

Last but certainly not the least; when you happen to visit the best barber shop in Montreal, do not forget to thank the person who succeeded in giving you the look you deserved or wanted. This will enable you to leave your mark as a “valued client.”