Take Your Beloved on a Romantic Cruise Date to Make Certain Occasions Even More Special!


Romantic cruises and dinner dates with your beloved can be made more special if you incorporate different themes to spice up the night. In this article, you will learn about various theme ideas which can make your romantic cruise date quite special and make it a truly memorable experience.
1. Valentines theme date
Decorate your deck with beautiful roses and keep rose motifs everywhere on the board, especially on the windows. The food can also be prepared to keep the theme in mind with traditional Valentine’s Day dinners like chocolate cakes, croissants, chicken or vegetable lasagnas. Other flowers can be colour coordinated and combined with the roses to add more variety.
2. Birthday themed date
One of the most special days of the year is the birthday of your beloved. You can make this day more special by giving him or her a romantic dinner on a cruise. You can have a birthday themed dinner, decorate the boat with confetti, and candles, keep photos of your beloved at various places on the board with specialised birthday messages. Also, for dinner, you need to have a special cruise ship themed birthday cake. There should be candles which needed to blow before the cake is cut, also. Do not forget to bring presents.
3. Midsummer night’s dream
This is a unique themed romantic dinner where you would have to make Shakespeare’s famous play about love come alive on the ship. Make sure you have Puck, and other characters are created from cardboard cut-outs. Lines from the play have to be written at various on the deck, which will reflect how the age-old lines of love still hold true for you and your beloved. The food can be themed upon Elizabethan era dishes like roast ham and salad, and pudding for dessert.
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A romantic dinner on a cruise ship is no doubt a truly special night for a couple. In the comfort of their cruise ship, the happy couple will be able to get great views of the city while basking under the lights of the stars while they have their dinner. Not only will they have the boat all to themselves, but also have nothing to worry about because all the requirements would have taken care of by the staff on the cruise ship. A truly special way to make this experience more memorable is by indulging in a themed romantic dinner. You can organise a variety of different themes for your romantic dinner and have the boat crew decorate the boat premises and prepare similarly themed foods also. Thus, you can consider getting a themed romantic cruise dinner with your date.
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