Swabbing leather shoes is now unchallenging:


The most durable and flexible and comfortable shoes are made up of leather. Traditionally wear on the dress pant and with the three piece suit and also with a formal wear as a routine dress code for offices. The leather shoes need to be cleaned on daily basis. The dust particle adjusts in the leather and produces crack on the surface that makes the look of your shoes old thus how to clean leather shoes is very important for everyone concerned with it.

Numerous methods can be applied to rinse the dirt of leather pair but here we will discuss only those which take a short time. Busiest schedules do not allow spending much time on these trivial things.

The traditional concepts of washing:

A thin line makes a great difference. The washing and rinsing are two separate ideas. Washing required a full wash of shoe and then drying it up in air. Nevertheless, rinsing need to be done with a cloth and swab.

  • Ingredients: a piece of cloth, a soap, water and handkerchief.
  • Take a cloth that is soft and cleaned.
  • Wet this piece and rub it on the soap.
  • With this piece remove all the dirt, repeat the process rubbing on the soap and cleansing the surface.
  • After you see that it has become clear now absorb the excess water with the handkerchief.

This method is old and does not need much time and efforts. So, you can try it.

Black branded polish:            

Polish is a good way to keep your shoes safe from dust. Buy any branded polish exclusively made up for black leather shoes. Make sure that your brush is clean. Take a polyethene bag with you. Now, apply a little amount of polish on your shoes and then rub with a brush. Repeat the same process on both shoes and cover every corner part then, wear that polyethene bag onto your hand and rub it against the surface of shoe for 10 minutes. Your shining black leather shoes are ready to wear! If you want more Ideas about cleaning and home remedies, then click here to see more recipes.

This was the method that I had learnt during my schooldays.

Note: you can use conditioner after cleansing shoes. The conditioner of leather gives moisture to the leather and keeps them safe from harsh elements. It also covers the earlier cracks present if any on the shoe.

Additional cautions and recommendations:

  • Never forget to remove your shoe laces. When you brush your shoe the finishing of lace will be damaged.
  • Always remember if your shoes are much dirty, never apply polish.
  • It would better if you first clean your shoes with a soft wet swab.
  • Never apply polish in excess.
  • Never make lather of soap onto the surface of leather shoes.
  • Always thoroughly clean soap from the outer surface.
  • Always wash laces to give a shining and new look to your pair.

Ways and recommendations that are given for how to clean leather shoes are very easy and doable. These are experienced remedies and no damage has ever reported! So, We hope now you understand about how to clean leather shoes properly, but if you want more cleaning tips and Ideas, then Click on this link How buz site and get mores Ideas.