A Step-by-Step Guide on Cleaning Your House Before Guests Come Over



If you have guests coming over, you want your home to look happy and presentable. Use this checklist to ensure your home is clean and well-organized before someone rings your doorbell.

Start With the Bathroom

The bathroom is often the smallest room and the easiest to clean, so start here if you want to feel accomplished quickly. Wipe down the sink, tub, counters and faucets, clean the mirror and clean the toilet. If there are exhaust fans or vents in the room, clean them as well. Sweep and mop the floor, change out the hand towels and ensure there is plenty of toilet paper for guests to use.

Work on the Kitchen

Whether you’re throwing a party or having overnight guests, they’re likely to be in the kitchen, so this room should be next. Start by doing all the dishes, wiping down the counters, and cleaning the stove and microwave. Next, clean out the refrigerator and freezer and ensure it’s well-organized, and then do the same for the pantry. Finally, sweep and mop the floor and organize any cabinets that need it.

Head to the Living Room

In the living room or other common spaces, survey the room and put away anything that doesn’t belong in there. Clean and organize play areas, bookshelves and the shelves of any entertainment centers. Dust shelves and décor and clean the television screen. Wipe down the walls and baseboards, sweep and mop or vacuum, and dust the blinds. Don’t forget to clean under the sofa cushions.

Set Up the Guest Room

If your guests will be sleeping over, clean and organize the room you’re providing for them. Change the bed linens, dust any dressers or end tables, and ensure there is empty dresser or closet space if they’ll need it.  Clean the floors, wipe down walls and blinds and ensure the room smells fresh. Consider adding an extra element to this space, such as fresh flowers or scented candles.

Tidy Up the Yard

Of course, your yard is the first impression you’ll make on guests, so don’t forget to head outside. If the season is right, mow the lawn. Trim the bushes, get rid of weeds and ensure trees are not taking away from your yard’s aesthetic. Clean up any kids’ toys, wash windows, straighten the deck or porch and, if possible, wash your home’s siding. If you have wood siding, you may consider a termite inspection service.

No matter how well you clean, pests can lurk. You don’t want your guests to be put off by cockroaches, mice or other problems. When you need a general pest inspection, contact the best pest control San Antonio.

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