Soprano Ukulele Review: Why the Kala Ka 15s Mahogany Soprano Ukulele is Every Players Dream Come True


There are more premier Ukulele brands than the Kala. Yet, for this short time Kala has been around, it has managed to pull massive following. What makes this brand the best is not just the range of quality products that they produce, but also the great price that their products retail at. The Kala Kaoffers premium quality that is unmatched by most other companies and best reviews from

The Material (wood) in the construction of the Kala Ka 15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

As the name suggests, the Kala Ka 15S Soprano is made of mahogany wood. “Why is this big deal?” you may ask. Well to begin with, the material used will determine how long (durability) you will be able to play your unit. This is why the more the sophisticated the material, the more expensive the wood. Plastic Ukuleles cannot be compared with wood ukulele because the quality is just different. The Mahogany wood is strong, resonant and extremely stable.

The Design of the Kala Ka 15S

The shape and design of every ukulele can greatly impact the quality of sound that it produces. This is why beginners are often advised to go for quality designs that will not only ease the learning process, but will make you fall more in love with your uke unit.

The Kala Ka 15S is a uniquely designed soprano ukulele. Unlike most of the others, it features a figure-8 shape that provides maximum comfort. It also has smooth edges that make it luxurious to hold even by juniors. Sinceits lightweight, this ukemakes for a perfect travelling companion or for street performances. It has a good grip on the hands, so street artists can easily use it to wow their audience, say at the supermarket, or in garden parties.


Why the Kala Ka 15S Is A Favorite for Many

  • Features superlative mahogany wood finish.
  • Produces excellent quality sound.
  • Have 12 frets, which are easy to learn.
  • Perfect for strumming.
  • The soprano is the standard size ukulele which makes it ideal for beginners’.
  • It’s light and small in size which is ideal for children’s hands and also for strumming.

The Kala Ka 15S Mahogany soprano Ukulele Fretboard

The material used in the construction of the fretboard also speaks a lot for the quality of the ukulele. The best ukuleles are often made of quality wooden material, mostly Rosewood. This wood has been voted the best for Ukuleles because it is naturally oily and produces rich sounds. There is also a low chance of un-wanted overtone as these are absorbed by the oily pores.

The Kala Ka 15S produces very rich sounds because of the Rosewood fretboard. The sounds also give a low high-end attack.  This is perfect for people who are drawn to the uke because of mild high tones.

The Kala Ka 15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele Strings

The strings are like the heart of the ukulele. Having good body and poor quality strings is like having acomplete egg shell without the real eggs…wait, is that even possible? But hopefully you get what I mean. The strings will determine the ease of playing and also the quality of the sounds produces.

The Kala Ka 15S Mahogany Soprano has been designed with user friendly strings and that’s why it is said to be the best for beginners. The strings are the Aquila nylgut strings normally associated with superlative quality and durability. These strings are not very slipperylike with other soprano ukuleles, and that’s why beginners’ find it easy to get used t.

Merits and Demerits of the Kala Ka 15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele


  • Durable Aquila strings and Rosewood fretboard
  • Easy to adjust to and to play
  • The mahogany material used is of good quality and therefore long lasting
  • Has a perfect wood finish


  • The package lacks a carrying case which means extra expenditure to get one
  • The sound produced in the light soprano which may be limiting for those looking for deep sounds.

Final Say

The Kala Ka 15S Mahogany comes with admirable features that will enable you to be more passionate about playing. The material used in its design is solid and expensive looking. The best news of all is that the Kala Ka comes at a friendly price that’s usually a shock for many people.