Smoking Pipe Distribution Guide: How To Sell 101


Our guide is created to give you an easy method to get up and running with your smoke shop sells. We cover strategies from online marketing, to door to door methods. Stop wasting your time with techniques that don’t work. We’ve spent thousands of hours developing this information which we’re going to share here with you today, for free.
First, I want to bring up the concept of ‘brand imaging.’ This concept is critical to your success, and you’ll shortly understand what I’m talking about as you continue to read on. Brand imaging is the public’s view of your brand. Let’s say a company has a bad reputation and it’s known throughout the community for them to have low quality products and low quality service. What is this going to do to the business’s brand image? You probably thinking that the company is going to look bad, and you’re absolutely right.

When people learn about your products and services, that’s a very great thing. You see, if people don’t know about your product, they’re never going to buy it. Large brands like Pepsi, Chase, and Zion’s Bank use TV, Internet, Mail, and sponsorship advertising. They’re always putting their brands in front of the public eye. Without some message to remind someone about who you are, they’re likely to forget and quickly.

Having a website in 2018 is key to gaining an upper hand over your competition. People are going to judge your company’s ability to sell and present themselves based off their first interaction with your social media profile and your website. These need to be setup properly, and they need to present themselves like you’re the head honcho over all the planet. This commands respect in the eye of your peers and boosts your brand imaging immensely. Look at this silicone pipe supply company, see how their website really catches your eye? And the graphics are great. It appears as if they’ve put a lot of time and effort into their presentation, and now they’re followed by major brands like UPC on Instagram after a single day of engaging on the platform. Great job!

Social Media
Leveraging social media marketing like Pinterest may be the greatest thing you’ve done. People often leverage teams to fulfill the daily duties of each social media platform. Search engines monitor profiles for the content they produce, the interaction it receives, and it monitors for spammy posts to penalize. Staying within the boundaries of the search engine is necessary to receive organic traffic, likes, views, and website visitors from the almighty software. Learning techniques to boost your credibility and ranking in the search engines may yield you a fortune down the road when people are asking questions into the search bar, and the program is populating your information instead of the billions of other hosted online pages.