How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed and Make Sex Exciting – 4 Golden rules


Want to hype your sex drive all time? Follow these 6 secrets on how to satisfy a woman in bed and you will be excited on how it can be overwhelming to satisfy your woman sexually. Do you know satisfying a woman is not an art? Yes, it might be depending on how you take it, but it all calls for a deeper understanding of your woman and her desires. However, we have good news for you to boost your overall sexual performance. Read our review of the top rated supplements here which can enhance your erection strength and boost your stamina.

Follow these 4 golden rules to satisfy a woman in bed and make her want more of you, even if you’ve been in the same relationship for a very long time.

  1. Start with foreplay before you get undressed

Many women, if asked, will tell you that they don’t know what is foreplay, in fact, a large number will tell you they have never had foreplay with their partners since men think of foreplay as a warm up exercise of the main activity and therefore try to do just a little of it. However, this is a very big mistake that is done by men. When it comes to satisfying a woman in bed, foreplay is one of the most enjoyable parts they can experience.

As it is possible that you experience orgasm much faster than your woman, foreplay helps you to get on the same point with your woman. There are various forms of foreplay, so it is good to ask your partner what kind of foreplay they enjoy since every woman is different and one woman may not feel excited with the same move as another. Therefore, start foreplay even before you undress, and this can start in the morning or afternoon so as to prepare your woman for sex.

  1. Go down on her.

This is another secret that can help to prepare your partner for a great sex. If you feel that your woman is not warming up easily, just go down on her and play gently while down there. This helps to prepare her and build the momentum for an exciting night ahead.

  1. Observe her erogenous zones

Identify the typical erogenous zones and make sure you spend some time on them. There are several erogenous zones in a woman such as the back of her neck, her ears, down to her knees as well as her toes. However, every woman has few warm up spots that witch the button on right away. Therefore, ensure you kiss the whole body without forgetting the zones that excite her more than the other body parts.

  1. Find out where her clitoris is

This is not a science lesson but here we need to face it. Neither is it a female anatomy but if you don’t know where her clitoris is and where she feels like calling your name twice when you touch her then you might get some disappointments while on the bed with your woman. When it comes to matters of satisfying your woman in bed properly, you must ensure you know exactly where to concentrate with. In fact, this is not something to be educated on. Although these are not the only tips, exercising them while in bed with your woman can make your sex very enjoyable.