The role of Content Delivery Network from SEO perspective


There are a number of bloggers that still do not want to put their site on CDN. They are either not aware of the benefits that CDN provides them or they just simply do not want to spend some money on it. Instead, they think that they could spend the same amount each month on SEO and get better traffic. However, you should consider that when you list your site on CDN, it ultimately gives a boost to your SEO. How? We will talk about it in this article.

What is the Content delivery network?
First of all, for those of you who do not know how CDN works, here is a quick overview of it. Content delivery network, as the name suggests, deliver the content of your site to the client. Now, you may think that you have your server for that purpose. It stores the content of your website, and when a customer submits a request to your particular domain, it extracts the data and sends it to their computer. However, think that your server is somewhere in Australia and the client is browsing your website from Africa. He sends the request to your server, and when the clicks the submit request button from his computer, the signal starts travelling. It will have to go through a number of electronic hops, travel a considerable distance in which some signal data may get lost, or it might be interrupted, before finally coming to your server. Similarly, the server sends back the data through the same route. It is highly time taking.

To let you quickly understand CDN, here is the simplest explanation of it. Is it like the station in those lines from where the request is coming. Each station hosts data of your website, and when the user submits the request, the content is sent to his computer from the nearest station. So, less data travelling takes place, and browsing becomes fast and easy.

Benefits of CDN concerning SEO
When you add your site to CDN, it enhances the server response time of your site. Along with that, the site has better HTTPS rank and the domain authority increases. Moreover, you also get URL optimization, and browsing gets better through mobile as well as through desktop computers. Also, it impacts the quality of sites hosted on same IP (shared hosting) positively.

So, the above were some benefits of hosting your site on CDN. UCDN comes under the list of good content delivery networks. There are a number of positive features and things about them. They have the most favorable prices concerning the CDN. Moreover, they allow you to have a free trial period that lasts for as long as a month. You pay as you go. The most important part of any new person is supported, and they have the double customer support which ensures quick reply to queries. There are a lot of positive reviews about the performance and reliability of the CDN they provide. So, if you are about to host your site on a CDN, make sure you try out their services.