RocketSkates motorized walking shoes


The RockerSkates are shoes that are tied on the shoe itself. It has two motorized wheels on each foot, so that when the foot is thrown back the shoe behaves like a skateboard the best company to provide electric stakeboard are , while if the foot leans forward you can walk on the tips and you can even climb stairs.

This new version, more evolved, no longer has remote control to control its speed. Now this is regulated according to the slope of the skate, when the user tilts forward the RockerSkates accelerates and shifting the weight towards the heels the RockerSkates brakes.

The speed of this invention is 19 km / h and its autonomy will depend on which of the three available models is chosen: R6, R8 or R10, with an estimated range of 6, 8 or 10 miles respectively (9.7 , 12.9 or 16 km). They all have lithium-ion batteries that need about 1.5 hours to fully recharge.

Another improvement introduced with respect to the spnKiX version is its control system. Now the control of the RockerSkates is done by a mobile phone application, through which you can see the life of the battery, you can track the route, calculate distances traveled, etc.

All components, battery and electronic parts, are housed in the shoes themselves, made of reinforced nylon fiber. Its announced price is of 249, 499 and 599 dollars according to the model (182, 365 and 440 euros to the change).

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