Reviving Fertility: How Juice Plus helped Nancy



Introduced in 1993, Juice Plus is a brand of a dietary supplement designed to furnish users with nutrients extracted from fruits and vegetables. Fortified with added nutrients and vitamins, Juice Plus was produced by the Natural Alternatives International in California, with Orchard Blend and Garden Blend as the major ingredient.

Juice Plus is one easy way to access all the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. It is advised that humans should consume lots of whole legumes and fresh fruits and vegetables a day. Legumes such as garbanzo beans and kidney beans provide the body with proteins while fruits provide the body with essential vitamins for enzymatic activity of the body cells. But due to our busy schedule, that might be difficult to achieve. However, Juice Plus is packed with nutrients extracted from berries, fruits and vegetables. These nutrients are grounded into powder through a proprietary process. Apart from conception, the consumed vegetables have other applications in the human body. The question of how to lower blood sugar without medication have often arisen and studies show that regular consumption of vegetables can certainly help manage this condition.

There are numerous, numerous health benefits of Juice Plus. A few of them are: the reduction of chronic inflammation, stress relievers, boosting the immune system, improvement of skin and dental health, boosting fertility etc. As amazing as this health benefits are, my focus is on the fertility aspects. Juice Plus has been proven to be effective in helping to boost the fertility of both the male and female partner. In my quest to understand how effective Juice Plus has been for women with infertility, I searched through Google. And behold, I saw a handful of results of expectant moms giving their success stories of how Juice Plus mysteriously aided their conception.

Not being able to conceive sucks, especially if you have always desired and loved to be a mom. This was the case for Nancy Ross, a 37 years old Canadian woman. Nancy had always wanted a family of her own, although, nature had other plans for her. Over the years, Nancy had three miscarriages which almost dashed her hope of having her own kids. Just like many other women, she searched for a solution to tackle her issue. This was when she heard about Juice Plus.

Watching Nancy’s video buttressed the fact Juice Plus is effective in boosting fertility in women. Juice plus offers women a natural way to enhance their fertility. This is due to its composition. Juice plus contains the nutrients of several natural berries, vegetables, seeds and nuts which gives the body the needed energy to boost fertility. Thus, Juice Plus serves as a way out, a cover for the required amount of organic fruits and vegetables needed for producing healthy sperms and eggs.

Nancy had a condition referred to as Uterine Polyps. These are precancerous cells on the uterine wall. The danger of these uterine polyps is that another miscarriage was imminent for Nancy. However, the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in Juice Plus that Nancy took worked their miracle. They had a neutralizing effect on the uterine polyps that even the doctors and physicians could not explain.

In short, Juice Plus ended years of barrenness, ended miscarriages and also helped Nancy achieve her dream of being a mom!

Any Scientific Backing to Juice Plus and Fertility?

With the reviews and success stories of Juice Plus, I find it important to understand its scientific backing. Over the years, the three combinations: fruits, vegetables and berry capsules have been proven to help get rid of oxidative stress and reduce inflammation.

And it is very important to note that overcoming oxidative stress and inflammation are two very important factors to put into effect if fertility will be enhanced. Besides, the two combinations have been proven to get people pregnant!

Juice Plus, being rich in raw fruits and vegetables has just the right ingredient to effect this! Apart from vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants, Juice plus contains phytonutrients found in plant skin. Most of the time, these phytonutrients are usually peeled off during food processing.

This explains why or how Nancy’s Uterine Polyps mysteriously disappeared and also her conception after a series of miscarriage.