Review of NeatoBotvac D80



NeatoBotvac D80 is a robotic vacuum with high overall performance properties. It became mainly designed for houses with pets because of its capacity to collect rare varieties of debris and hair. The gadget features a combo brush uniquely created to choose up pet hair in a quiet manner. It works better on tough flooring like tile and wooden. Patented laser-guided era maps and scans the room, as well as methodically clean the space. The device also mechanically actions from room to place. Different blessings consist of a 50% larger brush, big filter, bigger dirt bin, and specific edge cleansing brush. All you may do is to push a button for immediate cleansing. You may use the system on an everyday basis as it works on a battery. NeatoBotvac D80 has a potential to mechanically go again to the rate base after which to return where it turned into left.

I’ve reviewed the other Botvac collection, and you will be stressed what the difference among the original Botvac and this model so I’m pinning this to offer you a heads up on what those are plus the overall performance outcomes.

The Botvac D is a minor improvement from the authentic Botvac series vacuum. Neato says that this has an upgraded motor and brush which supposedly method higher all-around overall performance on carpet and bare floor.

However, did it carry out as much as par? That is what we can discover under.

Please do not confuse this with the BotVac linked which hasn’t been released in the market. It looks the same but the “connected” is around $2500 extra high priced, but it comes with WiFi connectivity and has a Lithium Ion battery so please standby for my evaluate on that.

The NeatoBotvac D80 is a high appearing model, tying for the necessary pinnacle rating. This model, in particular, excels at cleaning tough floor ground kinds, navigating into tight corners and sweeping up near edges, as well as gathering puppy hair. This version wasn’t pretty the runner-up while it came to cleaning carpets and navigating around limitations, more significant than sufficient for most of the people of families. This overall performance all comes at a reasonable price for this class of merchandise, making this version an extraordinary cost and earning it the best purchase award.

Features at a glance:

  • much like the original BotVac collection it comes with, a facet brush
  • nevertheless uses a NiCad battery so one can come up with approximately an hour and a half of runtime
  • Laser navigation machine lets in you to use this even in low-lighting situations
  • Comes with blades – a combination brush (for hair) and a spiral brush to clean carpet
  • 7-litre dry dirt capacity
  • One year guarantee on the robotic and six months for the battery


  • Comes with 2 brushes for hair and carpet
  • Laser guided navigation device permits you to use this even on low light conditions
  • massive dirt potential (0.7 litres)
  • facet brushes work nicely to select up dust on edges
  • Outperformed the BotVac in phrases of picking up pet hair
  • efficient navigation


  • barely more expensive than the better performing BotVac
  • still uses a NiCad battery
  • no matter the upgrades remains did no longer outperform its predecessor the BotVac 80
  • Will no longer move over dark flooring or rugs because the cliff sensors think those are “cliffs”


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