Recording a Windows 10 Screen Using Movavi Screen Capture Studio


Screen recorders come in various shapes and sizes and differ from one another in terms of the platforms they support, their features, and how user-friendly they are. That is why if you want to record videos from your Windows 10 screen you need to find the right one.

Assuming you’d like an all-in-one screen recorder that is user-friendly and has powerful features, you should definitely try Movavi Screen Capture. It will make it easy to record screen on Windows 10, and will only take minutes at most to set it up.

How to Record a Windows 10 Screen

If you’d like to try recording your screen right now, go ahead and launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio. In the launch window that appears you should then select the ‘Record screen’ option to open up the screen recorder.

As soon as you do that you can define the capture area by drawing a frame with your mouse cursor or selecting a program window to record. Once you do, Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s interface will appear and you can select a preset if you prefer, or adjust the frame size and position.

On the interface are several options, and you should start by setting the audio source that you want to record. All you need to do is click to toggle the ‘System Audio’ and ‘Microphone’ icons, depending on which audio sources you’d like to record. Beside each icon there’ll be a slider that you can use to adjust the volume levels.

There are several other options that you can use in Movavi Screen Capture Studio to automate the recording, capture keyboard and mouse actions, or set the frame rate. Once you’ve set it up the way that you want, you can press the ‘REC’ button on the interface and recording will begin after a 5 second delay.

When you’re done, just press ‘Stop’ and Movavi Screen Capture Studio will automatically save your video in MKV format and open it up in a ‘Preview’ window. In that window you can click the ‘Save As’ button to save it in a different format, or open it in the editor to alter it further.

The editor in Movavi Screen Capture Studio sets it apart from most other screen recorders, as it is intuitive and yet has lots of powerful features. With the tools it provides you will be able to merge clips together, arrange the sequence they’re in, trim out unwanted parts, and enhance the quality of your videos. Additionally you could apply effects and filters, add background music, insert animated transitions, and more.

All in all it should be clear that not only will Movavi Screen Capture Studio let you quickly and easily record any video footage at all from your Windows 10 screen, but it will also let you produce impressive video content with its editor. The best way to get a glimpse of exactly what it can do however is to try it out and see firsthand.