What Are The Pros Of An Indoor Fountain?


If you’re an interiorscaper, you might already know what benefits can be had from bringing plants into the indoors. However, plants are far from the only natural aspect that can come inside. A lot of individuals associate babbling brooks and meandering rivers with relaxation on a summer day, so why not bring those vibes inside?

The first benefit is that water features can be quite diverse in their extravagance. These elaborate features might take up significant space and planning, but they can also be deceptively simple. You and your clients can choose from anything as small as tabletop fountains or water fountains for indoors for a meeting room, or individual office up to a layered fountain or large pond in an atrium or entry space. There is creative freedom here for the possibilities to flow.

This second benefit is obvious enough if you stop and think about it. The sights and sounds of water that is moving often has a calming and relaxing effect on people. Stressful spaces like office locations might see people with less stress but more productivity and morale if there is moving water. It’s also a great white noise that is effective at blocking out any audio distractions, helping people concentrate on their work. Waiting-room water features cut down on anxiety in dental offices and hospitals, making for a more pleasant patient experience.

Negative Ions
The third of the four benefits listed here is the fact that when water moves, it generates negative ions. WebMD, one of the Internet’s most reputable and in-depth sources of health and wellness knowledge, states that air filled with negative ions has a number of benefits, and they help counterbalance environmental factors common in offices and homes, such as air conditioning and electronic appliances depleting the air of negative ions.

WebMD quotes researchers as saying that negative ions are something that actually increase a flow of oxygen to a person’s brain, which increases alertness, decreases drowsiness, and provides more mental energy. They might even help fight airborne germs, which can potentially decrease the irritation some suffer due to the inhalation of various particles known to cause coughing, sneezing, and irritation of the throat.

The website further states that negative ions in sufficient quantities might actually boost serotonin levels in people, which helps improve their mood. So, negative ions might help your employees or those of your clients feel better both physically and mentally, and moving water is a simple way to get negative ions going inside of a building.

Completing the quartet of benefits to anyone who lives and works indoors, as well as to interior landscapers, is the increase in humidity. Moving water automatically raises the humidity levels of the surrounding area. That’s particularly important in an area where temperatures are regulated constantly through use of air conditioning or heating. Individuals stand to benefit from the extra comfort that moist air might provide, and landscaping is easier if there are plants that need robust levels of humidity.

An indoor water feature also adds visual stimulation and health benefits to an interior landscape. Think about educating all your clients about such benefits so that you can craft them gorgeous plantscapes that incorporate water. Whether it be a large fountain surrounded with lush and tropical landscaping or a tabletop fountain joined by a handful of orchids, water can enhance any space that is indoors. Do you personally have any plants that you prefer that could accompany a water feature?