Being prettier will not make you happier, the most beautiful women confirm it


Many times we think that thinning 10 kilos, with another nose, with bulky lips would do better in life. And the physical aspect is important, of course, but to do better or worse in life, in our career, in our social relations, and ultimately, in being more or less happy, is quite independent of our beauty. The Beautiful Korean Women cry and suffer like other mortals, and being beautiful also.

Sometimes we would like to be spectacular, that everyone would turn heads when we pass by, but attractive women are also judged and labeled by their physical appearance, and that is not always in their favor.

Do not take them seriously at work

As one girl in a reddit thread commented about her negative experiences being too attractive, “No one takes me seriously at work, even though I’m not stupid, there’s always that feeling.” Even a girl claims that she was not hired on a job because the HR person in charge of recruiting confessed that “she would not have any chance that her older male colleagues would treat her seriously and they might be distracted.” Another example in which the victim is blamed, the woman is harmed because her male companions do not know how to behave or be mature enough.

These experiences are supported by real data: a University of North Carolina study showed that attractive women were less likely to be hired for accountability jobs, and that if the person interviewing them for the job had The same sex as the interviewee, then the interviewer could dismiss them out of jealousy and envy.

Problems relating to being too pretty

Beautiful women not only find difficulties at work, but their personal life and their friendships are also conditioned by their physical appearance. As one girl in Reddit says “those I believed my friends in high school hated me, and every time I showed a weakness they used to attack me.” It is also not easy to maintain a friendship with boys if your appeal is too obvious. A woman says that she has to be careful when going out drinking with friends, because when they get drunk a little, they try to flirt with her, even if they have a partner, and she has a hard time stopping her feet while maintaining friendship with them.

Other common prejudices towards beautiful women are to believe that it is impossible for them to be single with how beautiful they are. In addition, it is usual for the boys to chase them and approach them on the street trying to connect with them, putting them in uncomfortable situations.