The Popularity of Skull Necklace and Skull Jewelry


The skull necklace and Skull jewelry are becoming very popular these days the reason is that the people are coping many artists and celebrities who are wearing this type of jewelry. There are many artists and celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Jolie, and Johnny Depp who are wearing such jewelry so it is becoming a trend. You will find the photographs of these actors in which they are wearing skull necklace and Jewelry. So people are copying them and it is becoming a fashion. In this article, we are going to tell you about the popularity of this jewelry. So let’s start the topic in detail.

Perfect for Boys 

This type of jewelry is perfect for the boys who want to be more feminine and they definitely don’t want to have a goody girl image. The thing that is very noticeable about this jewelry is that it will give a very negative type of image and it will make the look of the boys more rough and harsh. They love to wear many cross bone ornaments and skull necklace that is associated with a gothic look. So it will give them a very non-conformist look and they will seem to be standing out from the crowd.

The Manufacturing of the Skull Ornaments and Accessories

You will find that almost all the skull and gothic jewelry and accessories are made with silver and they have a black tinge in them. The most popular ornaments in this category that people love to buy are necklaces, Skull ring, earrings, cuff links, dog pendants, anklets, and bracelets etc. If you have a skull necklace with a silver chain then it will look amazing but if you will wear it with leather rope and black string then it will give a more fashionable look.

The silver tinge with the leather rope just looks out of the world. You will also find many ornaments like this with a vintage touch and feel. To give them a perfect vintage look these skull ornaments are hammered in a rough and uneven texture. It is not true that only the gang members and some heavy bikers can wear it but it will look amazing and very different from many other people also. If a girl will wear such jewelry then she will look very nice and sporty.

The Symbolism Associated with this Jewelry

This type of jewelry was used by the artists to show the futility of the life. In past, there were many graves that were decorated with such articles to show that the soul is going to heaven. They show the wings with the skull. In the UK these ornaments were very popular when there was gothic era. The skull ornaments and accessories are also in the main stream today. In old centuries these skulls were used as a motif and many were used in the flags also. Using them on flags means to terrorize the enemy and wearing such jewelry also show the lawlessness. But it is also true that there is nothing evil in wearing it. You can visit Bikerringshop to buy such jewelry.