Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Headlines 2018 ISMMN Conference


Do you have a desire to be enriched by the Word of God and to be encouraged by other sisters and brothers in faith? If so, the ISMMN Conference with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the place for you. The 7th edition of the International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network Conference is set to take place in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Conference will occur over a three day span between April 30th and May 2nd of 2018. This will be a time of spiritual enrichment and a time to build a stronger relationship with God and with other believers. It is not too late to sign up and make reservations for a spot at this conference.

Pastor Chris has been a minister for over 30 years serving congregations throughout Africa and now specifically in South Africa. He is most well-known for his bestselling works ‘None of These Diseases’ and ‘Rhapsody of Realities.’ Those who have had the pleasure of listening, seeing, or talking to Pastor Chris already know of his great work and the tremendous influence he has made on their lives. For those of you who have not heard Pastor Chris and have not been able to be personally taught by him should jump at this chance to hear him in person. You will not regret it. His ministries in Africa alone have reached millions of people. Whether it be through the 24-hour Christian Network or his famous mass teachings and healings, Pastor Chris is able to overcome cultural or demographic barriers to reach everyone who is willing to listen. There is no doubt, one’s life will be greatly altered in a positive way from being exposed to Pastor Chris’ teaching.

The vision for the International School of Ministry was being formed well before its inception in 2007. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had a desire to build an organization that would be able to adequately equip and train followers of Jesus Christ in order to win souls for God. That was the focus of the ministry back in 2007 and it is still the focus of the ministry to this day. Nothing is more important than providing believers with the tools to succeed and carry out the Great Commission. Empowering and equipping ministers are the main function of this ministry and allows these ministers to go back to their communities and churches to spread the Word and to also bring conviction and healing to the believers there. The International School of Ministry is a very established organization that desires to grow and expand in the Word of God and welcomes all believers to do the same.

The ISMMN conference is held every year in Johannesburg, South Africa. Tuition is free to attend. All that is required is to:
1) Register Online
2) Check on Visa Requirement (it will vary depending on what country you come from)
3) Book Accommodations
Once these three things have been finished, then all that is left is to prepare your heart and mind to receive the Word of God and the instruction and teaching from Pastor Chris. So, clear your schedules for this week, travel to a beautiful country, and enjoy fellowshipping with other believers.