How to naturally increase your testosterone level?


Testosterone is a hormone that is primarily associated with males. Only a few people know that even females possess it in ovaries, but the amount is pretty small. The hormone is mainly responsible for the changes in a male during puberty. However, it is not only the puberty when you need to keep it at an optimum level you are going to need it throughout your adulthood. It is critical because general health, disease risk, body and sexual health are associated with it. Moreover, with the individuals that lift, it aids in gaining muscle mass rapidly. Apart from that, Testosterone also plays a critical role in female health particularly when it comes to sex.

Improving testosterone level naturally
There are several ways of raising the level of this particular hormone. Mainly, you can categorize them into enhancement in testosterone with the help of supplements and boost them in natural ways.

Exercise and weight lifting
There are a number of ways in which these two activities help a person. There is an enormous study that had fascinating results. According to it, people that exercise regularly get a good boost in their testosterone levels along with fitness and good reflexes. Notably, for the people that are overweight, increasing physical activity helps in improving testosterone level more than a weight loss diet. So, if you are looking to target it, take help from resistance training or HIIT.

Eating protein, fat, and carbs
Eating protein, fat and carbs help you in boosting your hormone level. Proper intake of protein will assist in maintaining good health levels along with weight loss. Moreover, the carb intake also plays a vital role as it optimizes the levels of the hormone during resistance training. Additionally, the fats that are healthy are also beneficial for your testosterone level. However, do not overeat!

Less stress and cortisol levels
No matter who you are and what you do, if you take the stress, it always has negative impacts on your health. It enhances the level of cortisol which is a hormone that can reduce testosterone (as cortisol production goes up the testosterone production comes down). Along with that, stress and high cortisol can also trigger hunger which will lead to more food intake that ultimately goes up to the weight gain. These changes will have a negative impact on the testosterone level within your body.

There are certain herbs that can do the job for you. These are scientifically tested and backed. The most well known is ashwagandha which can raise the level up to 17%. Moreover, ginger extract, horny goat weed, Tongkat Ali, and MucunaPruriens can be your pick.

What else?
Apart from the things listed above, you can get some sun or vitamin D. According to the researchers, it is helpful for enhancing the testosterone naturally. Along with it, other vitamin and mineral supplements, the multivitamins, will help you in achieving the desired results. Furthermore, a good rest and a decent and high-quality sleep will be of great help.