Is Naomi doing well in divas division to keep her career intact in the company?



Naomi was born on November 30, 1987 and made her wrestling debut in 2009. She is a professional wrestler, dancer, model and an actor currently signed with the WWE. Just like many other female wrestlers she also comes from the wrestling family where many of the top superstars has come and gone. She is the part of the company from the very beginning of her career. She entered in the main roster as a cheerleader and manage the few wrestlers but as times goes she began to come up in the wrestling female tag team matches and winning it. This was the progress she made in the roster and was manage to make an alliance with TAMINA, ever since Naomi has made her main roster debut she has defined a very strong personality and has the talent which is very well great in its own way. She has wrestled almost every diva in the roster and dominates them with her strength and awesome moves.

Is Naomi doing well in divas division to keep

  • How was her NXT journey?

She was originally the part of the NXT program from where she watch raw live stream and wrestled for two years and made an impact like no other. Whether it is a tag team match or solo competition she never backs down from them. From that point on she was truly acknowledged and was sent to main roster.

  • As an individual wrestler how is her career going?

There aren’t divas left in the roster but those who are left are very talented and when you talk about her then we know that after leaving the awesome team of the FUNKADACTYTS she hasn’t done much in her career on individual level. She is a player of tag team and nothing more.

  • Why fans like her so much?

Fans has always liked her with her former tag team partner Cameron Lynn, because that time the way she entertains them with dancing and wrestling moves she was praised by everyone and that is why she manages to get some of them on her side. Watch out more :

  • What about her present condition in the company?

As of this moment she is part of the team B.A.D with TAMINA and dominating, but in other media she is part of the total divas show where she focusing more on her acting skills.