How to Name your Company? – Some Useful Tips



If you have chosen the right name for your company then it will definitely it will have a great impact on your business. If you have made a wrong choice then you will definitely not able to connect with your customers. You can face many hurdles in your business. If you have the right company name then it will help you in branding and marketing of your company. In this article, we are going to suggest you some tips that can be useful for you to name your company in the right way. Let’s discuss the topic in detail.

Don’t use the Names that are hard to Spell

If you have selected a difficult name or your company and it is hard to spell by your potential customers will not be able to find it online. So make sure that the company name is simple and people can not misspell it. There are many companies like Flickr who were pushed to name their company with wrong spelling.

Never Use a name that limits your Business when it is growing

There can be many problems for your business if you have a narrow approach in choosing the name of your company. You might grow your business in future to many cities as well so it is not suitable to limit the name of your company for only one product. The owner of the Amazon has not suggested the name Online Books for his company because now you can find everything on Amazon besides books.

Do your Complete Research

If you have selected a name for your company then remember to do a thorough research on the internet and find out if anyone is also using this name for his business. If it happens so then you have to take a pause because it will not make you the showstopper.

The Name of Your Company should be Meaningful

There are many businessmen who want to convey something very positive and amazing with their business and it can be done only if you have selected a name for your business that is positive and meaningful. In this way, people will get a quick idea about the type of your business. If you are choosing meaningless names for your business then they will look catchy but will cost you more in terms of branding and marketing.

Never Use Boring Names

The name that you choose for your business should not be boring and it must be very attractive and catchy. But it should make sense so that your employees can proudly tell other where they are working and they don’t feel any hesitation in doing so. Make sure that the name of the business must resonate with the target customers.

Get the Feedback

You can choose 5 or 10 names or your startup and you can ask for recommendations and feedback from your family members, friends, and other people in your network. You can also get feedback from your potential customers just to increase the engagement with them.