Nail designs for toe Nails



It does not matter in which state or in the season you exist within. Fashion came all the way to fall in every category human being do, as in acting or in normal life too. Nails fashion is not only done on fingernails but surprisingly on toes too. Your toe claws are in less size and space as compared to finger one. Fashion has taken so much for human being, and it’s just the starting. From a scandal of high heels, fashionable legs, high socks, peep toes and sexy pants now you can do as on toes too. Making the way of your personality a unique one as compared to others. Whereas, toenails consider a special object to paint on them named as LEOPARD PAINTS. In such a variety of colors, they have included on their menu you can do so much on you low claws. However, fake (ARTIFICIAL) paws have come for fingernails; now you can also buy them for your toes. If you have been in search for toe nail designs than you, have come to the right place. There are different categories that fall on toes from easy and straight to joy and colorful.


Pink and Blue Design: Add a little bit of attraction to your personality with this. They have some tiny sheds of blue and pink glitters on them as the style of pigeon’s wings design. Heavier from above and lighter from the bottom making them the perfect choice for teens all the way to adults and so on. However, you can put this glitter or fake claws on your every single toenail you have. They have added some texture’s in them like as for the design of cake and ring are among popular in them. You can later take them off easily with your hands if you applied fake ones and for natural do with water. Stylebreezy site all about fashion trends and generate new Ideas.

Pink and Blue

Naked Umber: This one is simple and elegant in the look of it. It’s best so far for toenail designs for ladies specially design on various occasions and events in for it everybody wants to look perfect. In naked umber, they have a gold chain hanging around their top from one sideline to another for a perfect look. However, they only come in one color only, and that is Glow white which resembles a lot with your skin color and toenails color almost giving them a thug of a mixture. If you have not owned gold kit jewelry yet, then don’t bother with it later because this thing will twice spice up your expectation.

Neon Dots

Neon Dots: As the name suggests NEON DOTS you don’t have any cyber short or laser beam on you low claws. What you get is a bunch of toenails having a circle on them of neon different from the base colors almost making them a considerable purchase. They have a decent finish and are also available in a curve and a very much of variety colors. If you are looking more like toe nail designs, then this is best, to begin with.

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