How Much Shakeology Is There in One Serving


If you are a Shakeology fan, you must have already tried multiple variants of flavors they offer.

Shakeology comes in the following flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Green berry, Tropical Strawberry vegan, Vanilla, Chocolate Vegan and Café latte. Café latte is their latest addition to entice your taste buds. Some people love trying everything while others stick to only one flavor. In case anyone has made a switch, the serving size might change as well. So read on.

Each flavor can be ordered in one of the following packages as per your choice and usage requirements: The convenience pack and the 30-day supply bag. The serving size is one scoop of any flavor you have ordered. Each pack will be shipped along with the scoop that you can measure your serving size with.

However, one has to remember that the density of the item will determine the weight of the portion. It means that for different varieties of Shakeology, the amount per serving will differ. The general rule is to measure one scoop till the mark. So if you have the habit of taking scoops heap full, you will end up consuming that packet of Shakeology faster.

Even though you love the flavor, it is recommended to have only one serving. It is always best to substitute one meal in a day with Shakeology. Which meal you must choose to replace will depend on your personal choice. If you often skip your breakfast when you start for office every day, you better replace the breakfast with your favorite shake. In case you overload that lunch plate with a lot of junk, replace that one.

The following are the general health guidelines to follow when you scoop a flavor of Shakeology to get the right serving size:

1)   Always store your bag in a dry place and away from moisture. Also remember to properly seal your product after every use.

2)   Gently shake the bag so that there are no lumps or compressed powder.

3)   Scoop the powder and shake off the excess amount from the top.

If you are more comfortable with measuring through weight instead of the scoop, you may do that as well. A good digital weighing scale would be your best guide in this case. However, as mentioned before, different flavors will have different measurements for one serving. For best results, follow the instructions on the label and packaging. For example, one serving means 40 grams for the green berry flavor and 48 grams for the chocolate flavor. Is it not great news for chocolate fans? Your Chocolate Shakeology comes with cocoa which is a great antioxidant with the tasty treat.

Always remember that consistency in the use of Shakeology is the most important factor. You need to use it for a minimum of 30 days to start getting the results. And if you still have any queries, the customer care is always there for you.