How much computer scientist earn


People who choose to obtain some kind of educational degree or certification in this field are usually attracted by the high income that you can earn if you manage to get a job at a big company. The goal of this article is to inform you how much do computer engineers make, no matter the size of the company that is doing the hiring.
In order to understand better why these PC specialists earn as much as they do, let’s first do a short summary on what this field and job is all about. A student who graduates from a university after studying computer science will receive the title of computer engineer. What’s interesting to mention about this field is the fact that it is connected and related to other engineering fields, like the electronic or automation engineering.

Based on the job name you can probably tell that such a position involves and is centered on working with a computer to do specific tasks. Moreover, it is very likely that your job will require you to operate on both software and hardware level, as one can’t live without the other.
Getting back to the main subject of this guide, I have to mention that as with any other job that requires a specific degree or background some will start at a lower rate than others if they have less experience in the field.
According to the studies conducted by PayScale, the salary of a computer engineer is highly dependable on the sector that you have specialized in. For example, those who obtain a degree in software programming are likely to be paid better than the ones who are focused mainly on hardware architecture.
Moreover, if you have additional qualifications other than your bachelor’s degree in computer science, reports show that you can make as much as $70,000 per year if you manage to get hired. When you add a previous job experience in the field when applying for the position, you can significantly increase your annual earnings.
How much do computer engineers make is probably the most important aspect that everybody takes into consideration when thinking about applying for a job but there are also other advantages that should be mentioned. For example, this is a field where each year there are more and more opportunities for those who are thinking about joining in or for those who are already working in the field, like promotions for good results. Fresh graduates or last year students from renowned universities which have computer science in their portfolio are the candidates which have the highest interest in applying for jobs in this sector.
Employment studies conducted in the computer engineering field show that while it is not entirely relevant at which university you studied, the employer will use the degree you obtained (associate, bachelor or master) as criteria to differentiate the candidates applying for the position. One reason for employers to follow this rule is because you can take specific classes or courses at pretty much every known university but it is really important how you finalize your training or study.
Like previously mentioned, a computer specialist can have an annual income ranging from $50,000 for an entry level position at an average software or hardware company, while those working in big companies can earn starting from $70,000 per year on an entry level position to more than double or triple, depending on the project and/or the bonuses recieved.
If you already have the required experience in this sector but to not own a degree in computer science you should not give up searching for employment. There are a lot of companies who offer scholarships for interns that prove to be an asset for the company, so that after a few years you can finally have the papers backing up your skills. While it is not an easy task to have a high performance at work and at school at the same time, you should try because it can bring you even more money each year once you graduate.
To summarize how much do computer engineers make annually, you must be aware of the fact that the income can be influenced by the level of your education, by your experience in the field and last but not least the sector of computer engineering you are working in.

Because each type of job must have an average income, we can quote statistics conducted by the government and say that the annual salary for occupying such a position sits around the $65,000 value.