Make mirrored walls your new season essential


Does the thought of mirrored walls trigger memories of the bygone eras that style forgot? Well, think again. In our space-starved homes, cash strapped home owners are looking to the mirrored wall to transform a room from confined to positively cavernous, all with a simple trick of the light. Read our top five ways with wall mirrors and see if we can’t persuade you that the future is bright for floor to ceiling styling.
Fall in love with a loft space

Always hankered after a Manhattan-inspired loft space? Now you can recreate this look effortlessly with the use of mirrors. Simply paint a wall opposite a window in a dark charcoal or mahogany colour to imitate the old wooden frames of loft windows, then hang multiple square mirror panels equidistantly and voila! You have an incredibly effective mirrored wall that perfectly mimics a large loft apartment window while beautifully illuminating your room.


Sound Surround

We often think that mirrors should be hung over a fireplace, but what about hanging them behind the fireplace instead? We love the idea of creating a complete floor to ceiling mirrored wall to surround a fireplace and create a dramatic focal piece to any lounge or living area. This look can be achieved in minutes using self-adhesive mirrored tiles on a plastered wall. Simply pick the size and style of mirror that you are after and off you go!


Mirror, mirror, as the wall

This style is not for the faint hearted, however if you are bold enough to brave it, it will pay off dividends in a smaller home. Using an entire wall as a mirror is an art form in itself, and we love the abstract design of this offering. The mirrors create the illusion of a far larger room with zero effort required on your part, plus they help define a space in a studio apartment where living/dining/sleeping areas are merged.


Bijou Bedroom

Even the tiniest bedroom can be transformed into a boudoir to be proud of with a mirrored wall. This compact room looks cosy and inviting thanks to the antique stained glass mirror tiles behind the bed that perfectly reflect a soft glow to create a sumptuous space to relax in.


Make a splash with mosaics

Not brave enough to take on a full wall or mirrored glass in your bathroom? Why not try this subtle approach with gorgeous mosaic tiles, interspersed with mirror tiles, flanking a central mirror wall behind your vanity unit? The large mirror reflects the multiple mosaics which creates a softer style rather than a stark reflection, while providing a pretty yet practical function to your feature wall.