How to make the most of college as an older adult


After a decade or more of working in your field, you’ve hit a promotion ceiling you won’t be able to bust through without an upgrade in your education. If you are heading back to school, here’s how to make the most of your time as you make your return to college.

Approach studying and homework like a job

Unlike younger students, who have only known slack homework and study sessions in high school, you have a full life. Work, kids, a social life – if you hope to survive while performing well in your college courses, you’ll need to schedule these tasks in like any projects you tackle on the job.

Every day, there should be a slot where you focus on hammering out whatever it is you need to do academically. If you don’t already have a home office, find a secluded part of the house where you can study and solve problems in silence.

As jam-packed as your life will be during your time in school, be sure to schedule in some leisure time as well. For some, this means logging into their favourite gaming site and blowing off steam by betting disposable income in the hopes of making more.

If you have cryptocurrency, there are sites that will take your e-coins as well – no matter whether your game is blackjack, video poker, craps, or others, they offer plenty of ways for you to find some entertainment when you need it the most.

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Don’t be afraid to connect and socialize with younger classmates

As someone in your thirties or older, it is easy to feel as if there is too much of a generation gap to connect with Millennials and Generation Z’ers in a meaningful way. Nothing could be further from the truth – don’t be so shy when you are sitting in your first college class back in years.

Many younger people relish the opportunity to socialize with those with a bit more life experience than they have, as they want a look into what they can expect in the years ahead.

Hear terms you don’t recognize? Look them up on Urban Dictionary so you can understand them, but don’t feel the need to use them if you feel awkward. Communicating in basic terms is all you need to sow the initial seeds of friendship.

Make the most of student perks afforded to you

As a student, you may have free access to gyms, medical clinics and other services. Make use of these, and you can save a ton of money at a money-stressed time in your life.

Also, having a student ID card can save you money on everything from food to hair cuts – look around and use this piece of plastic to your advantage wherever you can.

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