How Does a Low Level of Testosterone Manifest Itself?


Testosterone is a hormone that is mainly produced by the testicles in men. It is responsible for affecting multiple male issues like looks and sexual development, bone and muscle mass, the sex drive and sperm production, etc. As a man ages, his testosterone production becomes less and a severely low level of testosterone reveals itself in multiple symptoms, some quite subtle.
Diminished Sex Drive
Men with a really low level of the hormone will find their sex drive radically reduced. Typically, men with a low level of the hormone find it difficult to have an erection before engaging in sex and the frequency of spontaneous erections is usually also reduced severely. However, testosterone replacement therapy does not automatically result in improvement in erections as there are other factors like health issues, anxiety, stress, and consumption of tobacco and alcohol that play an important part in unsuccessful erections. It is normal for the volume of semen to be reduced in men with low levels of testosterone.
Loss of Hair
Testosterone plays a vital role in many functions of the body; production of hair being one of the most well-established. While all of us are familiar with the concept of balding in aging men, it is actually the lack of testosterone that leads to this condition. Without discounting the impact of genetics, it is seen that men with a low level of this hormone tend to experience more hair loss, including that on the face and the body.You may buy testosterone | best testosterone pills |
If you are otherwise fit but feel tired all the time despite eating and sleeping right, the actual culprit could very well be lack of adequate testosterone. Researchers have found a clear link between low testosterone levels and the lack of motivation to lead an active lifestyle or engage in physical activities. Besides physical fatigue, men can also experience mood swings, depression, irritability, and even lack of concentration.
Decrease in Muscle and Bone Mass
Since testosterone plays a pivotal role in muscle building, it is quite common to see men with a low level of the hormone to experience a loss of muscle mass. However, this does not necessarily lead to a reduction of muscle strength or function. While osteoporosis is commonly associated with women, loss of bone mass can also take place in men with a low level of testosterone. This makes older men particularly vulnerable to bone fractures.
Tendency to Put on Weight
It is not uncommon for men with a low level of testosterone to be inclined to put on weight with the accumulation of fat. An imbalance of estrogen and testosterone is also believed to be the prime cause of gynecomastia or enlargement of the breast tissue.
A drop in the level of testosterone is quite natural in aging men; however, since the reduction is gradual, many of the symptoms occur gradually and are thus associated with the process of getting older. In case there are any serious issues, the doctor may suggest medication to boost the level of testosterone.