Why leather motorcycle jacket are so popular?



Among a long list of motorcycle accessories, motorcycle helmets for women and leather jackets are in great demand. There are many benefits of investing in a good quality leather jacket such as it enhances confidence, make you look stylish and is long lasting. But, choosing a perfect leather jacket is not an easy job. You can make this decision easier and time saving by following some effective tips.

Guide for buying a good motorcycle jacket –

Choose perfect fit – Without good fit all money which you poured in stylish and good quality leather jacket will go waste. A good jacket must feel like second skin and should have perfect fit. It should sit quite close to body and must have room for sweater underneath if needed such as to add layers. High cut armhole is common place which most good pieces have and ideally there is enough room which helps in moving arms freely. Meanwhile, the sleeves should not come down than wrists while rest of the jacket must sit at height of waist. Elongated and cropped fits are more demandable as well as adventurous and be considered if you are already having classic height style jacket.

Pick right skin – Taking time to select right skin for jacket is a must take decision which you cannot afford to miss at all. This being a crucial choice definitely helps in getting a good and long lasting leather jacket. This choice will dictate each and everything from durability to performance and comfort to looks. The first choice is which animal leather you want as leather comes from calf skin, cow skin, goat skin and more. But, most of the people go with pigskin as it is pliable, soft and tanned well. It has very minor grain which makes it look smoother, lighter and cheap. In fact, there are many high end brands that use pigskin for making leather jacket and one of them is alpinestars motorcycle jacket.

Top stitching – It is basically a decorative stitching done on garments and this detail is highly desirable on leather jackets. It is usually done along edges of pockets and seams and this add more visual punch to jacket. Branded jackets use thick thread manufactured by German company. So, this is another tip which needs to be considered.

Zippers – The common zipper that most of the womens motorcycle jacket have is YKK as it is made of lighter metal. RIRI zipper is another option to go with as they have stronger built and give smooth finish when zip up. This makes jacket look more appealing and designer. High end jackets mostly have custom and heavyweight zippers or RIRI zippers which break less. High end jacket designers often provide 2 way zippers as it make jackets much comfortable.

Shoulder alignment – Last but not the least thing which you must consider while buying a leather motorcycle jacket is that, shoulders should have great structure and line up perfectly. Do not go for oversized boyfriend style jacket as it will make you look little fat. Make sure that shoulders should do not sit wide. In case, if they are narrow then go for other size. Overall, the jacket should be such in which you can move your arms easily without any problem.

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