With the help of internet whatsapp has become a famous platform for instant messaging and whatsapp status service. The internet helps whatsapp to send text messages, documents, images, video, user location and audio messages to other users. It is all free and just requires data allowance. Been developed in America whatsapp uses English as its native language. That is the reason that whatsapp is the most common messaging app because English is the most spoken and understandable international language . When it comes to Whatsapp’s top famous service or feature of status update, the millions of users to set their WhatsApp profile statuses in English not only in the countries where English is their national language but worldwide too.

whatsapp status

There are many other services alternative to whatsapp that are known as instant messaging apps and aslo have polite services but amongst all whatsapp is the biggest. How big it is, yes we cannot count but there are some features that make it different and big from the others. The reason we rank it  as the most commonly and greatly used platform for instant messaging is that it is the first application to work on the status updating service all for free. It is on the top list in the markets because you do not need to spend any money and can be connected to all corners of the world.

Apart from chatting and sharing photos with friends, whatsapp lets its millions of users to update their status and let their friends know where they are or what are they up to, with what’s up with their mind. It is a very easy way to update a status for your friend as whatsapp does not ask you to log in or provide any access to your friend. The status can be visible to all public freely, if you want you can limit it to only your contact list through privacy  setting and even can set it in a way that nobody can see it except you yourself.


For users who are not very expressive about their feelings, whatsapp status service is a free and great way of sharing feelings or expressing thoughts to your friends by just typing what you feel or choose some famous whatsapp statuses from amazing collections. It is a platform for not only people who cannot express their feelings in person but is also a platform for people who want to share their happy or sad moments with their friends and family. Also they can dedicate statuses to their loved ones who they miss or love. It can be easily said that this amazing feature of whatsapp promotes sharing of feelings, expressing love and pain to friends. It brings relationships closer and makes them strong by just promoting feelings for free.  Read whatsapp status here : http://listoftoptenz.com/top-10-whatsapp-status/