Do you have an increased Testosterone level


What is testosterone? For many of us, testosterone is just a laughing stuff. But testosterone is one of the most important hormones in our body. It does not help to make our body stronger but it also has a significant effect on the sexuality factor.

If you have an increased testosterone level, your body will have a beautiful shape. The statement may sound dull but it is true. You can check out the bodybuilders who actually more money on testosterone supplements than food.

You are not necessarily needed to take the supplements but a good testosterone level actually helps.

How to know if my levels are good?
This is a good question when it comes to self-check. But what are the things that you should keep an eye on?

To start with, you will need to have the understanding of a jawline. A good jawline indicates that you have a good testosterone level. No wonder the models have such a defined jawline.

The jawline is perhaps one of the prominent sign that you are healthy. But you are not to confuse a jawline with a double chin. One can have a chiseled jawline but with a double chin. A jawline indicates that you have an increased testosterone level. On the other hand, a double chin is a symbol of extra fat in your body. Although they co-relate with each other, they are not at all the same.

Another sign of a good testosterone level is a good upper body. People with a good upper body (hourglass structure in females) indicate that you have a good testosterone level and a good metabolism to support it. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that. All you got to do is to check yourself out in front of the mirror. If your body is ascending from your belly to chest from the side areas, you score.

What are the causes of a deceased testosterone?
Deceased testosterone level may have many reasons. Most of them are acquired but may also have some hereditary effects as well. Too much alcohol or smoking, lack of physical exercise, too much junk food is some of the common reasons that people have.

If you come from a lineage of people who are weaker and have a knack for sugary foods, then you might also have a low testosterone level.

How to have the perfect level of testosterone?
Having the perfect level is almost impossible for most of us due to our daily schedule. You can still have good enough level for yourself. The3 fastest way is to get a supplement that will help you gain a good level real fast. But then again, exercise is also important if you are looking for a good and stable result. Drinking water, a good and balanced diet and a proper daily routine can make you have the desired level that you want so desperately.