Important Remedies to Lower Your Platelet count


Platelets which are known as Thrombocytes are the tiniest and sticky cells in the blood that are used to prevent excessive loss of blood by forming clots whenever you are injured or wounded.

If your blood does not contain ample platelets it becomes difficult to halt bleeding.

There are circumstances where people develop a condition that makes the manufacturing of platelets from the bone marrow to be too high. As a result, the clots are formed in excess which can make you suffer from health complications like stroke or heart diseases. Blood platelets help to halt bleeding injuries as well as ensuring smooth movement of blood in the body. The required platelet count is usually between 150, 000 to 450,000/mcL although this count can be increased by health problems resulting in severe complications.

Sometimes medical experts recommend people to take some medications to regulate their platelet count. However, there are also certain diet and drinks as well as certain lifestyles that can also help.

This article comprises of 6 easy ways to lower your platelet count. Remember your blood platelet level could go up or decrease because of health conditions. Try these natural remedies to decrease your platelet level.

1. Cut your smoking habits

If you are not aware, the cigarettes you smoke contain some dangerous components which can raise the risk of developing blood clots. These components also thicken your blood which makes your blood platelets to clump together leading to clotting. When clotting forms in your blood, you risk suffering from serious health diseases like heart complications and strokes. If you cut your smoking habits, you prevent the formation of clots in your blood. Although quitting smoking is not easy and cannot happen in one day, you should find ways to stop so that you keep your platelet level low.

2. Consumption of raw garlic is also helpful to lower your platelet count

Eating raw garlic is also another remedy that can lower your platelet count since it contains an element “allicin” that is believed to be a reducer of platelets level in your body. When the number of platelets in your blood goes down, the body counters this by enhancing your immune system.

However, it is advisable to consume garlic while it is still raw as the allicin compound decreases more rapidly when you cook garlic. Sometimes eating raw garlic causes some people to experience stomach upset, therefore it is recommended to take the raw garlic with some food.

3. Add Pomegranates to your meals

Although plenty of fruits and veggies are good when it comes to lowering your platelet count, including pomegranates in your diet is also recommended for they have an antiplatelet effect. This implies that the decrease the production of platelets in your body as well as inhibiting existing platelets from forming clots. You can either add pomegranate solution when preparing your meals or consume a whole pomegranate.

Once you have used all the above or at least some of the above remedies, you are sure to experience low blood platelets count on your body. However, if you find that, there are no changes, you can still use some medications