HTML Guidelines


There’s definitely a less demanding alternative than writing the HTML code yourself. It’s possible for you to use a web site editor (Microsoft FrontPage, Dreamweaver etc.) to create a web page. Whatever you must do would be to type insert pictures, the content or every other graphics and save the doc as HTML file. The HTML code is likely to be created in the background by the applications.

HTML Guidelines

Despite a wide range of coding styles used in web site, it will be valuable while making your web site that you follow some guidelines:

– Use lowercase for the tags and attributes;

– Use mark for worth, all characteristic values ought to be put in between quotation marks;

– Keep appropriate spacing – no space between the brackets as well as a tag and a single space between components as well as their characteristics;

– Nest right – while putting one HTML document inside of another and constantly close the most recently opened element before shutting another.

Components define the semantic significance in their content, occasionally quite particular – ‘Picture’, ‘Heading’ or ‘Sequence list’ or more general – ‘part of the text’, ‘section on the page’.


Everything written involving the brackets is recognized as Tag and isn’t shown on the internet page. The Tags added round the content are called Markup.


This can be my first web page

HTML Characteristics

Characteristics are the directions that clarify or alter a component and they may be positioned following the opening tag. They typically comprise two components:

– An aspect name

– An aspect value


Herek is gone by links name

That is a good example of HTML link, which will be defined with all the tag, ‘href’ is the attribute used to define the hypertext reference of the link address is its worth as well as the connected page.HTML tips