How to integrate your social media with marketing, what Cimmino suggests


I met Giovanbattista Cimmino on Instagram and talking about how I could best integrate my business with social media, I received some valuable pieces of advice.

My first question was about the importance of the content we usually post on the social network.

“The content you publish is the fundamental part of the game. The main purpose of everything is to create interest in the interlocutor and to make this interest converge into engagement. The key point is the link between the post you publish and the content inside the site. If the latter is not really interesting then the work done on social media is a waste of time, so your payoff is content.”

Why Email Marketing is Important and what are the benefits of Email Marketing, could you please suggest some tips?

“Stop just creating your mailing list. It’s very important that the content of emails you send is excellent. Creating lists of different emails to which are connected people with different interests can absolutely be the key to your newsletter’s success. An effective landing page is the first important step of conversion. In addition, your emails should contain links back to your social media, in order to encourage Twitter followers to connect with you on Facebook or Instagram. Campaign Monitor calls integrating email marketing and social media taking a holistic view, the perfect description of an all-in marketing strategy.”

At the end of our conversation, we talked about an unusual way to interact with customers.

“Using social channels as customer support is used by few companies. Some studies have reported that more than 30% of people prefer to interact with companies directly via social networks. It is, therefore, necessary for companies, even the small ones, to take social networks more seriously, and then seek to integrate themselves into this parallel world, that has not to be considered less important.”

Giovanbattista Cimmino is the person behind Instagram accounts like @Milano and @Thelondonlifeinc and a social media expert. He has 2 social media agency located in USA and Uk and a lot of clients in different business sectors.