Here’s why Japanese swords are the best in the world


The Japanese are known for two things- advanced robotics and world class swords. The Japanese had perfected the art of sword making thousands of years ago, and over time, they have improved upon the time tested method in order to make the swords lighter, sharper and generally more effective. The blades used in Japanese swords are extremely resilient and can withstand harsh blows without breaking or cracking. Apart from the blade design, care is taken to ensure that the rest of the sword, such as the handle, pommel, scabbard, wrapping and hilt are sturdy and battle worthy.

Ancient traditions, upgraded

Modern Japanese swords are made from similar techniques (as mentioned above) that have been upgraded to accommodate the use of modern machinery and sword forging techniques. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, and can even be customized to meet any user’s specific needs. Like ancient sword manufacturers, their modern counterparts also spend considerable time and effort in forging the steel in a specific manner in order to ensure that the blades so crafted offer the required strength and flexibility.

Beware of rip offs

One of the biggest threats for sword collectors is the existence of numerous rip offs and bad replicas of authentic Japanese swords. An expert might be able to catch a fake sword in an instant, but a novice, who is looking to buy his first Japanese sword, might be swindled easily.

A big give in context to fake swords is the price. Authentic swords are painstakingly made using many man hours and tend to lighten your wallet considerably. Hence, a cheap knock off on eBay that costs about $50 is almost always a fake. Functional swords are more than just show pieces. They are designed to be used competitively in martial disciplines, and can easily cut through hard objects without compromising the structural integrity of the sword itself.

When choosing a Japanese sword by you will be spoilt for choice. From top notch quality to ornate designs, these swords mimic ancient Japanese swords, yet sport a distinctive character of their own. These swords are truly a collector’s delight. Buying investing in an authentic piece, you can be assured of getting an heirloom home that will stay with your family for generations. So, go right ahead and check out the original swords at this website, you will be glad to see what’s in store.