Hearing Aid – All you Need to Know


There are about 38 million Americans who have hearing loss. All the people who are suffering from this consider hearing aid the best option to resume their hearing sense and to enjoy their life like before. Hearing aids are jut marvelous in today’s world of technology. In the market, you will find many hearing aids that can suit your lifestyle, budget, preferences and hearing loss as well. So in this article, you are going to understand the best hearing aid options for you. In fact, you will get a deeper understanding about these inventions.

Some Common Types of Hearing Aids

All digital hearing aids consist of one microphone whose function is to pick up the sound. They also contain a microchip that amplifies and sound and also processes it. A small speaker which is sending signals to the ear and a battery is also present. All these components are known as the “Guts” of hearing aid. All hearing aids are packed in different styles. Before purchasing them you have to discuss it thoroughly with your hearing care professional so that he can guide you in the best possible way.

Hearing Aid Classification

Hearing aid is classified into two main types. These are in-the-ear style (ITE) and the second one is behind-the –ear style (BTE). You will find many different sizes in these two types. These hearing aids can be so small that they can be virtually invisible. They are two types of the hearing aids that are tiniest one. They are easily adjustable in the ear canal and they are for mild hearing losses. Their visibility depends on the size of the ear canal. They are highly demanded by people because of their small size.

Some other Types of Hearing Aids

Some hearing aids are adjusted at the lower portion of the ear bowl. It makes them easy and comfortable to use. They are so light in weight and they have long battery life. They are preferable to people because they can handle a wide range of hearing losses. Some low profile hearing aids cover the entire ear bowl. They are also preferred by people because they are easy to handle. As they are larger in size so they have directional control, program buttons, and also volume control.

Technology Facts of Hearing Aids

The hearing aid technology advances more quickly from all the manufacturers every year. Some manufacturers have groupings or classifications in their product depending upon the features and capabilities of the hearing aids. Now a day all the hearing aids are digital and they require a hearing care professional to fix them for proper working. These aids are so advanced that one can easily adjust the settings and frequencies of the sound according to individual needs. They are very dynamic and quickly adjustable to provide every type of listening solution. Some hearing aids have awesome features like notification on low battery and program changes. The most amazing are that hearing aids are now with wireless technology. You can easily connect them with external devices like MP3 players etc.