Health and Therapeutic Benefits of Infrared Heating Pad


The infrared heating pads are made of jade; these are stones that have been proven to heal the body by transferring heat deep into your tissues and muscles through releasing negative ions from the body. It is perfect for kicking your exhaustion and stress away, boosting your immune system, restoring your body energy, detoxifying the body, and all this comes from lying on the pad which has a very soothing warmth that is hard to describe.

The infrared heating pad is the best companion and healer for all those like me who hate medication, and there are no side effects that have been reported for using the infrared heating pad, it is a substitute for treatment of any pains, and in this case the best.

Assurance of Safety

It is not recommended using the ordinary heating pads because they work by focusing on the surface of your skin resulting in dry skin or worse you can suffer burns. The infrared heating pads are the ones that are completely safe. The eye cannot see the infrared ray, and they can penetrate deep into the body almost to the bones where they activate major bodily functions and slightly adjust the body’s surface temperature. As it does this, you will realize the pains are leaving your body in a relaxed and new fresh feeling while at the same time omitting no side effects to your body.

Five Major Benefits of Using the Infrared Heating Pads

The pads give valuable benefits especially when you choose the best infrared heating pad on the market. Some of the main advantages accrued are:

  1. Full Body Detox

As the Infrared rays run deep in the skin, the result is an increased blood circulation bringing more oxygen into the body while at the same carrying away metabolic waste products at a faster speed. In return, it detoxifies the entire area treating it of any pains, and as you sweat, potentially carcinogenic heavy metals, sulfuric acid, alcohol, cholesterol, and sodium are all excreted. As you sweat the dead skin cells shed off leaving the skin clean and growing, that is why uncountable clinics and spas have started to offer their clients the infrared beauty treatment.

  1. Relief from Pain without Medication

If you have the best infrared heating pad, then consider yourself lucky because you have the safest, natural and effective pain reliever that is at your disposal. Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and physical trainers are recommending this treatment, and it has been tested and proved to work even by athletes to condition and repair their bodies replacing pills that they formerly used. The Infrared heating pad benefits are many, and these are some examples of pains that it will take care of:


– Shoulder Injuries

– Hamstring Tears

– Joint Pain

– Muscle spasms

– Calf injuries

– Tennis elbow and much more


  1. Stress Release

Infrared heating pad benefits run deeper than just relief from pains. It releases negative ions which in return absorbs into the body through the skin. The effect is beautiful and healthy feelings which is same as standing near an ocean, a mountain, or a waterfall. The ions which are molecular reduce stress.


  1. Promoting a Healthy Immune System

The infrared treatment also improves the Immune System by raising your body temperature; this strengthens your body which in return prevents flu and common colds.


  1. Weight Loss

Infrared treatment has been seen to accelerate and break down cellulite and fat; this is from research that suggested that in a single session of infrared treatment, you can burn as many calories same as those you will burn by jogging for 30 minutes.


Therefore, treatment with infrared heating pads has so many benefits that one cannot afford to ignore, and the good thing is that it has no side effects and you get to avoid medication. Also, it will always be available to you when you need it.