Gum Grafting


Gum Grafting is the term also known as a gingival graft, commonly caused by gum disease or dental cleaning. If you are not aware of this procedure or required more about this, here we are briefing about gum grafting. When do you need a gum graft and when a periodontist will prescribe to use a gum graft?

When do you Need Gum Grafts
Gum Graft usually performed by a periodontist depending on your dental health. If your gums are moving from your teeth and you might see the root of the tooth visibly, which is no longer covers your tooth. You might lose some of the bone and also lose the tooth as well as gets decomposition. Performing Gum graft surgery will help you preventing you from all of these also it offers numerous benefits.

  • Gun grafting will helps your mouth feel fresh and healthy.
  • You can eat all your favorite food without any pain.
  • You feel confident about your smile in public.

Main Causes of Gum Diseases:

  • Due to over smoking.
  • Don’t Brush your teeth too roughly.
  • Hormones imbalance.
  • Teeth come together overly.

If you find any of the symptoms like gum receding or not receding too far, we suggest you consult a dentist and follow medications.

About Gum Graft Procedure:
As you think, Gum Graft surgery is not so difficult in the dental procedure. Either you might face some pain and discomfort after surgery. As it’s a temporary for some period but periodically you will see good improvements in gum griping. Initially, you cannot eat hard substance food with proper diet and need to follow dentist prescription.

It is always preferable to take a suggestion from your periodontist before going for surgery. Know about the pros and cons about gum grafting and types of gum graft. Things and procedure to be followed during a surgery and after the surgery. Also, a dentist will ask you for regular consultation for a period. And suggest taking care of your mouth and eating habits after surgery.

Do you need gum grafting?
A Gum Graft will be necessary to prevent unwanted damage effects caused by Gum Recession. Gum Graft will also help to improve your appearance of your smile and make your mouth feel fresh. You may face any unwanted causes on your Gum gripping in the mirror at home. The only way is to pay attention and know about gum graft procedure is required. It’s necessary to show your mouth to a periodontist and take advice from him. Loop Perio is an about a dental hospital with an experienced Periodontist in Chicago, helping some patients with dental problems. Clinic available with the 24hrsemergency dentist with some quality time to visit doctors at morning timings also can book an appointment on Friday. Dr. Donna M. Barber & Dr. Wei Ting Ho are specialist doctors available at Loop Period. They treat every patient with good care and provide proper advice about their dental condition. Visit us here for more information about Gum Grafting treatment procedure and doctors consultation.