Google updates its search algorithms frequently around 500 to 600 times every year to improve SERP. Google search results are a combination of these algorithms with various ranking signals that help us display the desired web pages as per our searched keywords or phrases.

The Google updates are highly important for the online marketers because it leaves a huge impact of website ranking, web traffic while improving the SEO. Most of these updates are minor but along with that Google pops up with the major updates too.

Latest update by Google

The recent major update done by Google is the “Broad core algorithm update” on August 1, 2018. The core global update of Google seems to have its major focus on YMYL (Your money Your Life) sites along with many other websites impacted by the update.
Google has clearly declared that this kind of updates occurs several times a year and thus many sites will gain from it and many sites will lose. It has also declared that the present update is all for benefits, especially for the under-rewarded websites.

SEO strategies to be considered based on Latest Google Update:-

Google’s recent update has its impact on every niche. Considering the surveys, reports and analyzing the data, some of the SEO strategies can be considered to save the lesser known websites from worse searched results and low traffic risks.

As per the Seo services Los Angeles and other SEO communities these three techniques can benefit the websites:-

1. Mobile First Index

A number of websites are there that have suffered lower ranking from the recent update only because of not having a mobile version of the site.
So it is very important that from now on that the websites should be responsive in all platforms be it PC, Smartphone or iPhone with their respective versions for each. Mobile first Index not only makes the sites mobile responsive but also increases web traffic with the following features:-
a) Displays clear information about the topic be it with H1 tags or call to action button.

b) Websites without mobile versions are hidden from the phone’s search results which drops web traffic at an enormous rate. Mobile Indexing of a site improves its visibility and accessibility.

c) Desktop versions are loaded with pop-ups while mobile indexing reduces that letting the audience to engage in the content without any distraction.

2. On-site linking and Content

Content is the major key factor in determining the ranking of any website. As per the latest Google update, it will be advisable that the website content is written by expertise, authorized, and trusted professionals instead of any random bloggers writing contents from references. The E-A-T factor of the contents helps in improving the ranking in search results and helps your website gain the trust of the audience hence gathering more traffic.
The next thing to be focused upon is the link building technique of website. Link building helps in increasing the quality of inbound links and helps any webpage have a better ranking by cutting down numerous external links. Some of the useful inbound links are- Editorial Link, Resource Link, Blog Link, Reciprocal Link, Image Link, and many more.

3. Site speed

Loading time of a website and site’s speed has always been an important factor for Google ranking. Previously many sites have been observed at the top position in spite of having slow loading speed but with the latest update, this is almost a myth. Now whatever websites will be developed and designed, high loading speed is must for making into the top searched results as per the recent algorithm. Designers can achieve these using compressed images of less than 100kb, compressed codes, useful online tools like GTmetrix and Google’s Pagespeed insights to improve the website’s speed.
Considering the facts and data analysis from the latest Google updates these three strategies right now seem to be most beneficial for improving website’s ranking and gathering web traffic while it always keeps on changing with each update feature.

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